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Traditional Gamers Slowly Welcoming The NFT Introduction In Gaming

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The gaming industry is growing rapidly, especially after the introduction of blockchain. NFT games give many purposes to dedicated gamers, unlike traditional gaming. Initially, long-time gamers did not welcome the integration of gaming and finance, i.e., GameFi.  However, this did not stop first-time players from reacting significantly toward NFT gaming. 

That said, the trading of NFTs has gone from $100 million in 2020 to $25 billion in 2021. Bequant’s Martha Reyes, head of research, stated that 2022 and after would witness another hike in the purchase of NFTs.

A revolution advertised amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has risen to be a well-known mode in recent times. This happened due to NFTs displaying many attractive features, one being non-fungible: unique, and verifiable. Although an earlier hesitation, gamers are slowly appreciating the uses of NFTs. After all, their initial goal of having fun is now accompanied by generating revenue. 

On top of that, NFTs are all about usability. You must have heard a lot about utility when NFTs are mentioned. This is because these NFTs can provide buyer ownership, benefits of reward schemes, early releases, live events, and more. 

Deeper into the purpose of NFTs gaming

One must think that NFTs are just for entertainment and gaining profit. However, there is much more when it comes to NFT gaming investments

  1. Build or buy the characters you want.

One of the most complained aspects of gaming is that players must choose among the characters already present in the game. However, in NFT gaming, you can build or buy the characters you like. Customize them and even sell them in the NFT marketplace. You can say that this feature of choosing the character was already available. Yes, but the twist is blockchain. The characters are registered on the blockchain, giving ownership to the buyer.

  1. Don’t wish to buy a new NFT? Level up the one you have!

Buying NFTs can be a bit expensive sometimes. But who said you have to buy one every time? Some NFT games like Blockchain Cuties allow users to train their NFTs and upgrade them. Thus, this ensures that rich gamers are not the ones to win always; rather, there is a chance for experienced gamers to earn their way up. 

Reyes state that now the NFTs can be trained to increase the power of the NFT. This will, in turn, improve their worth in the marketplace. 

  1. “I’m bored with my character’s look” Change it.

Nowadays, especially when talking about millennials, we are easily bored by the constant look of downright anything. It is natural to have a sense of customization. Be it our room or our characters; customization is the key. So how does NFT gaming tap into this? Simple, get yourself an NFT wearable. These wearable NFTs are anything from clothes to shoes and sunglasses. Change the look of your avatar by adding wearable NFT, thus increasing the worth of overall NFT in the marketplace.

  1. Secure your NFTs with smarter contracts. 

Smart contracts are automatic contracts that hold the agreement between the buyer and seller written into lines of code. Meaning they allow the predetermined conditions to be met for a transaction to happen. This will enable the users to attach secondary use cases to their NFTs. One such is holding royalties. Even when the user has sold the NFT, the feature will permit passive earrings from the NFT with every sale. 

Putting it all together, say you have kept a 10% royalty on your NFT and sold it. You’ll get 10% of the total sale price every time the future owner sells it. 

  1. Grab your key to the virtual world.

Let us not forget about the recent most discussed topic; the Metaverse. So what is the Metaverse, you ask? It is a stream of creator-owned spaces, virtual worlds, and many others that remains unraveled. According to Reyer, this will be the ultimate shift for gamers, both dedicated and first-timers, to enter a space where they can open a world to a whole new set of full-time gamers.  

Let’s not forget the visualization the Metaverse will bring in. The Metaverse merge will set in new doors to the worlds that work parallel to the physical world. 

  1. Gaming is not a waste of time and effort anymore.

The introduction of the Play-to-earn model is actively replacing the pay-to-play dimension of gaming. In a time when streaming and social media are becoming normal, play-to-earn gaming models give gamers much purpose and benefit. This way, gamers can earn while having fun. The in-game NFTs can be sold in the NFT marketplaces, and thus the player can generate income. 

However, this will be a no-light for casual gamers. That concern was also covered with the free-to-play model merged with P2E.

  1. Players can get access to more than one blockchain.

In the early NFT games, players were only open to the native blockchain. This was challenging to players as they then had to make multiple wallets to store their tokens. Advancements in the recent NFT games addressed this concern. The games allowed multiple blockchains, thus making it much more convenient for players. 

The first game to open this door was Blockchain Cuties, where the players could trade on  EOS, NEO, ETH, and TRON. This increased the ease of use of the NFTs. 

  1. Have a knack for collecting cards? Give NFT cards a try.

It is well known to have a hobby of collecting cards. Sports cards are popular in this genre. For years, these cards have been traded and bought; however, now NFT gamers have a chance to involve these cards in gaming. Games such as Gods Unchained are also built on the same concept, allowing gamers to own the cards and trade them for earning.

Bottom Line

The world of NFT gaming is visibly changing, which is not unwelcome like before by long-time gamers. As we know, NFTs are recorded on the blockchain, thus making them transparent and decentralized. This has helped the NFT gamers to put in their opinion in any future development of the games. NFTs and blockchain have given meaning to the items bought for the games, and the best part is that even if the developers pull the game plug, the utility of the NFTs sustains. 

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