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How Can I Tell if Natural Zambian Emerald is Real or Fake

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Zambian Emerald

Zambian Emeralds are referred to as the “green treasure” of southern Africa and produce 20% of the world’s emeralds. Zambia ranks behind Colombia as the world’s second-largest producer of emeralds. Additionally, fine jewelry pieces including earrings, brooches, necklaces, and engagement rings are popular uses of certified Zambian Emeralds. Embellishments are found in the most beautiful emerald engagement rings. Because of their unusual color and other distinguishing qualities, Zambian Emeralds are in high demand. They are inexpensive, and it is predicted that as time passes, their value will rise.

Tips for determining a real Zambian Emerald gemstone

  • Make use of magnifying glass lenses

The best approach to distinguishing between fake and real products is always to use them. If the gem is completely transparent and free of strange patterns, it might not even be a gemstone and instead be a manufactured emerald. Genuine emeralds have imperfections and are not completely transparent. Artificially created and overly flawless stones are not suitable for your benefit.

  •  The shimmering result

One of the best methods accessible without a tool is to expose the stone to light. Original Zambian Panna gemstone won’t flash much or at all when illuminated. It is not an emerald if a powerful rainbow of flashes is present.

  • Search for layers

You may be sure that an emerald gemstone is an imitation if it has two to three layers of different materials on it. This is done to make the stone seem real, bigger, and more valuable. On occasions, layers of glass and plastic are applied over the real one to make it appear just as exquisite and valuable. Examine the stone from the side when it is submerged in water to verify this. If you notice distinct or separating layers, they were probably created artificially.

  • Extremely low cost

Here is another simple and ingenious approach to detecting whether the Zambian Emerald is genuine or synthetic. If the price seems suspiciously low for a stone as valuable as an emerald, it indicates that the item you are considering is not worth purchasing. Believe us when we say that Zambian Emerald Price Per Carat may exceed your budget.

Final thoughts

These techniques help the average person comprehend the typical technicalities and characteristics of a Zambian Emerald and determine if a gem is fake or not. The original and authentic Zambian Emerald gem can be identified without needing specialized tools or techniques by following a few easy guidelines. Still, if you have doubts about your online emerald purchase, you can request a certificate verifying the stone’s origin or submit the gem to a laboratory for analysis.  

Wearing any type of gemstone, whether an elegant Emerald, a deep red Ruby, or any other gem, should only be done after consulting a professional astrologer. It is wise to consult an experienced astrologer with your birth chart before purchasing and wearing any of these natural-colored stones because they are all astrological gems with potent metaphysical qualities and cosmic energies that may or may not be good for everyone.

The most crucial factor to take into account while buying Zambian Emerald jewelry is to use a reliable gemstone seller. Additionally, a laboratory certificate must always be included with the stone to ensure clarity. The price of an emerald varies according to how lovely and fine it is; the larger and lovelier the stone, the more expensive it will be. A truly fine emerald with exceptional color, clarity, and brilliance is a true rarity in nature and is consequently difficult to find, that much is certain.You receive a certificate of authenticity from one of the world’s leading gemstone testing laboratories, such as GRS, GIA, GIC, IGI, and Gubelin to verify the stated quality. Navratan, the online gem bazar is regarded as one of the most reliable gemstone retailers because of its reputation for treating its suppliers fairly. In this industry, we are renowned for providing the highest degree of client satisfaction and upholding a legacy of trust and chastity over the past four generations. So you may easily purchase your desired emerald gem here.

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