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Everything You Need to Know About Black Marquina Marble

by janeausten
Black Marquina

Black Marquina marble is a form of black marble quarried in the northern Spanish area of Markina, Basque Country. With its characteristic white veining pattern on a pitch-black background, the location lends a variation of its name to the natural stone.

This marble’s delicate and tight grain gives it the appearance of a starry night sky, decorated with lightning-like veining that never repeats itself. The natural stone is cool to the touch and adds a sophisticated touch to any room.

Black Marquina marble can be polished or unpolished, and it looks great with gold accents, wood accents, and plum tones. The natural stone has a porcelain-like quality, giving it a delicate and elegant appearance.

Popular Applications

Black Marquina marble, like other forms of natural stone, can be utilised in a variety of settings throughout the home or office; however, the stone works best in highly visible areas where viewers can enjoy its beauty.

Countertops, high-end conference tables, bathroom wall tile, kitchen islands, and marble tile floors in entryways and offices are all common applications for Black Marquina marble. Black Marquina marble, as opposed to white marble, provides creative alternatives with dark-themed rooms and offices, offering a stunning contrast with its tiny grain.

Other use for the natural stone include outdoor spas and springs, where the black marble contrasts beautifully with the sunlight reflecting off the water. However, this marble is not a popular choice for these types of locations.

Black Marquina is frequently seen in high-end offices, where the stone is employed to create an eye-catching highlight. Black Marquina marble tile flooring are also popular in high-end offices, hotels, and restaurants. Black Marquina can be used to create marble tile walls, end tables, and abstract pieces in addition to floors.

Maintenance and Care

Because the natural stone has a brilliant finish that resembles the brilliance of porcelain, it is easy to keep spills from tainting the fine and compact grain of the marble material. Keeping your marble clean and well-maintained provides numerous benefits and can extend the life of your marble for centuries.

1. Avoid using acidic solutions.

Acid is marble’s number one enemy, and employing acidic chemicals on Black Marquina can etch the surface, causing murky white areas to appear. Instead, use gentle cleaners, such as those designed exclusively for marble and granite.

StoneCare and Granite Gold are only two of the commercially available natural stone cleaning treatments. Their solutions effectively remove dirt and grease without causing damage to the marble, allowing you to clean the surface without fear of destroying the white veins.

2. Do not use bleach on the marble.

Because the native stone is a black marble, any bleach that is spilled on it will whiten and destroy it. Bleach, alcohol, and other strong chemicals can damage natural stone, causing it to look dull. Keep these items away from your marble and never use them to clean it.

3. Hire professional cleaning services for valuable marbles.

Exquisite marbles might be difficult to clean on your own; however, there are expert cleaning services available that can transform your highlighted marble fixtures into customer-creating finishes that will leave your clients speechless when they visit your business. Professional cleaning services are also useful in the home, allowing you to avoid future damages and appreciate your marble more.

Other Black Marquina Facts

Black Marquina Marble is one of Spain’s most important marbles. The stone is well-known around the world and can currently be found in parts of China and Iran. This form of black marble is distinguished by fine, thin white veins that run throughout the black substance. The veining is similar to sketch markings, and it often stands out in stark contrast to the ebony background.

Carrara and this black marble can be mixed to create a chessboard-styled tile flooring that has a classic and stylish aesthetic for any home. As seen at the homes of interior designer Dana Naim and Oliver M. Furth’s Beverly Hills residence.

Selecting Black Marquina

Many homeowners base their choice of marble on the design of their home’s surroundings. Designers, on the other hand, do it the other way around for exquisite and unusual marbles like Black Marquinas. This sort of marble is intended to be the focal point of the room, rather than a supplementary piece.

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