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Crypto Network Marketing by Lado Okhotnikov

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Crypto Network Marketing by Lado Okhotnikov

With all the abundance of new cryptocurrency projects, they hardly use the full functionality of modern blockchain. In this regard, the Metaverse Meta Force, proposed by developer and crypto enthusiast Lado Okhotnikov, stands out. It’s a digital space that allows users to make money from a variety of businesses. One of the unique features of the Metaverse is the universal network marketing scheme implemented on the blockchain.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contract… understand what is that

Two basic concepts of modern crypto business are blockchain and cryptocurrency.

When one talks about cryptocurrencies, one immediately imagines something related to finance. This is almost money, or at least financial assets that can be sold. Actually, the main business is built around cryptocurrencies. Note the latest developments: mega-investment funds are confused to release blockchain-ETF and are awaiting approval from the SEC; Ripple wins the SEC in court; the SEC is suing crypto-currency exchanges… Everything is related to cryptocurrencies and, along the way, to the US SEC, which also deals with cryptocurrencies.

The concept of «blockchain» comes to the background as not bringing immediate benefits.

In fact, there is a fundamental lack of understanding of the real possibilities of blockchain and the prospects associated with its implementation. This misunderstanding hinders the development of «non-cryptocurrency» blockchain applications. On the other hand, when monsters with trillionth assets fight for control of cryptocurrencies, there is a free field for business.

Let’s look at the definitions.

Leaving aside technical features, from the user’s point of view, a blockchain is a distributed registry in which records cannot be deleted or changed. If you put some data into blockchain registry, it’s forever. If you want to complete, correct, clarify the information, you will have to make a new record, which will be stored together with the old one. Registry is not stored in one place, it is cloned in a set of nodes (ideally, if the complete database is contained by each user).

In fact, Satoshi Nakamoto cited the fight against financial fraud as the motivation for creating the blockchain. There was a need for a system that would not arbitrarily undo transactions or correct financial information databases. You can change the data from one user, but the blockchain will compare it to the data from other users, see the inconsistency and remove the changes.

Mining from a blockchain point of view is not the extraction of bitcoins, but the process of maintaining the network. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was planned to reward miners for their work.

Can there be a blockchain without cryptocurrency?

Yes, it can. Again, the essence of the blockchain is the database. True, this the database is special. It cannot be arbitrarily controlled by anyone, even its creator. Read, check, post new information – as much as you like, and nothing can be changed.

This is very useful, for example, for maintaining a variety of registries. It can be a register of shareholders, real estate register, register of financial transactions, any lists where it is necessary to be guaranteed to keep information and the entire history of changes.

The Bitcoin blockchain is actually closed to itself, it deals only with operations related to the release and movement of Bitcoin itself. Other blockchains (such as Ethereum) can perform significantly more complex operations, including recording agreements between two or more parties, monitoring their execution and paying the agreed amounts (of course, in the cryptocurrency that this blockchain supports). This functionality is called smart contract.

A smart contract provides the blockchain with information about the terms of your agreement, performance criteria, performance results, etc. The smart contract is protected from external influence – it is a program operating by a given algorithm.

Lado Okhotnikov explains the basic concepts of modern crypto business

Network Marketing Lessons by Lado Okhotnikov

Network marketing is one of the most effective business formats. Goods or services are offered by sellers to consumers, bypassing retail stores. Each seller can create a distribution network from other sellers, receiving a certain percentage of the profit from members of his network. Accordingly, the larger the distribution network, the higher the profit.

Network marketing requires not only selling, but also managing the entire network, thus combining the functions of seller and manager.

In the early days of network marketing, it received an ambiguous reputation, largely due to the overly aggressive strategy of promoting some networks.

Today, network marketing has been recognized and respected. This format is used not only purely «network» companies (such as Zepter, Oriflame, Amway, etc.), but also the largest «traditional» companies such as banks, exchanges, IT-companies, trading platforms, online stores. Affiliate and referral programs successfully use the principles of network marketing.

Lado Okhotnikov proposed a conceptually new approach to the implementation of network marketing format. Blockchain technology and smart contracts allow efficient networking.

A smart contract defines the terms and conditions for each participating partner. The program automatically takes into account the results of work and distributes the gained profit depending on the results and position in the network.

It is essential that Meta-Force is optimized for the work of teams whose members are geographically at different locations of the world. No matter where you are, you can fully participate in team work.

Smart contracts are guaranteed to solve the problem of trust within the team. Everyone’s work is judged objectively, the human factor is completely excluded. Smart contract accrues profit and automatically sends to user account.

Users can quickly and conveniently create their own networks and manage commands – maximum profit is possible only when working together.

Meta Force Perspectives

Meta Force is especially valuable for its versatility. Network marketing schemes are customized for any product, service, working conditions and many other parameters. Network marketing is not the only way to earn money in Meta Force. There are many alternative formats that combine comfortable digital space. There is always a choice – what to do on the platform.

Lado Okhotnikov plans almost unlimited project life. The proposed formats will be in demand for decades.

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