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How to Boost the Look of Concrete Floors

by janeausten

Concrete is the most popular material used in flooring because of its durability and strength. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor flooring for residential or commercial spaces. The only downside of a concrete floor is that it looks a little dull and boring compared to other flooring types. However, there are actually some things you could do to make concrete floors look more interesting and beautiful than before. Here are some ways to boost the appearance of concrete floors.

Painting Concrete Floors

Floors can actually be painted. However, painting a concrete floor is a lot different than painting other spaces such as walls and furnishings. A concrete floor needs to be treated first, especially when it has been worn out through time. Concrete floor paint is also formulated a lot different than regular paints. These kinds of paints harden when dried, resulting in a strong and durable layer on the floor’s surface. You could choose from a variety of colors making paint a versatile way to style your floor.

Acid Staining

Another way to add style and color to a concrete floor is by acid staining it. This technique is pretty simple and you could actually do it by yourself as long as you have all the supplies needed. Acid staining works through the chemical reaction of acids and salts on your floor surface.

The acid opens up the pores on the concrete. The salts will then react with the floor and create a stylish discoloration on the surface. It is a lengthy process but the results are definitely worth the wait.

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Stained and Polished

Simple acid staining makes a concrete floor more colorful and stylish. But it doesn’t end up in a finished or smooth look. If you’re staining indoor concrete flooring and want to have a smoother floor fit for indoors, you need to polish the floor after staining it.

Polishing refers to grinding the top surface of the concrete using an abrasive pad to create a smooth and shiny finish. You could control how much sheen you want your floor to have – not too glossy since it could end up being slippery and dangerous to walk on.


Lastly, another easy way to beautify a concrete floor is by dyeing it. Dyeing concrete floor is different from acid staining. Dyes don’t create a chemical reaction with the floor but rather penetrate the floor’s surface to change the color of the concrete.

There are different colors to choose from and you could find the best one that suits your home’s color palette. Just like regular acid staining, dyeing doesn’t change the floor’s sheen or polish so you’ll need to buff it if you want a smoother, more finished concrete floor.

There are several ways to beautify the concrete floor. You don’t need to endure that boring grey floor you used to have. Try out any of those techniques above and enjoy your new and more stylish concrete floor.

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