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Everything about “Nazari Co” and its professional history in the food industry

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Everything about “Nazari Co” and its professional history in the food industry

“Nazari Co” is a Cake and cookie brand, which is known by its slogan: Sweet friendship. This brand has been in the international exhibition of cake and Chocolate in Tehran.

So, if you want to know more about this brand, follow us until the end of the article Because we are going to introduce the “Nazari Brand” and its Products in detail.

Nazari brand cares about his friendship with you!

If you try to know “Nazari Co” and its products, you will be welcomed with this Sentence: Nazari Cake wants to be friends with you. It means the voice of this brand is just about being nice, sweet, and lovely.

Now let’s know about the story of Nazari’s friendship.

Nazari Brand started its career in 1991. This factory is located in Shabestar, East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. 

This brand utilizes high-end equipment and 3000 professional and experienced personnel and has focused on providing a diverse range of high-quality products.

“Nazari Co” provides all Types of layer cakes, cakes, donuts, rolls, wafers, cookies, biscuits, and strudel to make your times sweet.

Of course, it is better to speak about the 25 years of creativity of this brand, too. Then, it is time to point to the Products export services of Nazari cake to nearby countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc.

Introduction of Nazari Co products

As we mentioned, Nazari is a brand that produces cakes and cookies. So for this reason, we are going to speak about all its products, one by one.

Cocoa Roltin

Cocoa Roltin is a Roulette cake that consists of different creams and flavors. In the list of below, we have mentioned to some of them:

  • Milk
  • Cocoa and cream
  • Cocoa
  • Milk, cream, and cocoa


The cakes of the Nazari brand have been produced in different designs and tastes. Some of them are in the list below:

  • Cocoa super cake
  • Banana cake
  • Vanilla breakfast cake
  • Gazz cake
  • Raisin cupcake
  • Aldad cake
  • Pachi cake
  • Raisin-filled single cake
  • 2N&Z

Layer cake

Each layer of these cakes is covered with all types of Chocolate. Layer cakes of “Nazari Co” are so popular and Delicious. In the list below, we have mentioned to some of them:

  • Velvet cocoa layer cake
  • Arcor cake
  • Mr.Nz
  • Chocolate layer cake
  • Setli cake


The good news is that nazaricake has provided all kinds of wafers for all people who love these sweet desserts. Some of them are in the list below:

  • Arinte wafer
  • Otte wafer white compound
  •  Caramel wafer
  • TaPito wafer


The cake and cookie brand may have cookies as a product. This is why Nazari Cake and Cookie brand has 3 kinds of cookies that we have mentioned in the list below:

  • Traditional super cake
  • Momtaz cookie
  • Verticillate cookie

Notice: Maybe the names of some products are unfamiliar to you! We should say that all these products have meaning in the Persian Language. So for this reason we are sure that all of them are so sweet and Delicious.

Introduction of Tehran World’s Fair of Cake and Chocolate

Tehran World’s Fair of Cake and Chocolate is a reliable annual event. In this event, all business people, factory owners, and lovers of sweet products will come.

This World’s Fair is a place where business owners must present their products. In addition, they show their Machines and facilities to everyone.

This is why people will understand what kind of technologies are used in the Food and Chocolate industry.

Tehran World’s Fair is the biggest exposition in the Middle East, and “Nazari Co” is one of the businesses that you will meet in the Tehran exposition.

In this exposition, you can find all kinds of cake, Chocolate, cookies, wafers, and Roulette from all brands. Of course, there are Foodstuffs like oil and flour, too.

Who can go to the Tehran World’s Fair of Cake and Chocolate?

In the list below, we talked about people who can go to Tehran World’s Fair of Cake and Chocolate:

  • Manufacturers of cake and Chocolate: all brand owners will have a stand-in exposition to present their products. Nazari cake is one of them.
  • Machinery manufacturers: for people who want to run their own business, Machinery manufacturers will come too. Because they want to guide people in everything they need to start.
  • Candy lovers: all customers and people who love cake and candy can go to the Tehran exposition.

Introduction of the most famous Persian brand in producing Chocolate and cake area

As we told before, all the Manufacturers of cake and Chocolate will be at the Tehran exposition. So the question is, which one of the brands is the most famous factory in Iran?

Well, there is not a direct answer to this question. But we can say that “Nazari Co” is a famous and familiar brand in Iran. This is why all Persian people have tried Nazari products one time in their lives.

So now, it is your turn! Do you like to taste Delicious cakes of the Nazari brand? How about wafers? Do you like to enjoy the taste of Chocolate and cacao in layer cakes? If your answer is yes, we suggest you join Nazari Cake from their website.


In this article, we spoke about “Nazari Co” and all its products that were present in the international exhibition of Cake and Chocolate in Tehran. Nazari Cake is a famous brand of Cake, wafers, and Chocolate in Iran, and all customers know this brand with its slogan: Sweet friendship.

It means that Nazari Brand cares about his relationship with people who love cakes and Chocolate.

The interesting point of the Nazari brand is its Product packaging. Actually, they are so cute, creative, and beautiful. For example, one of them in the exhibition of Cake and Chocolate in Tehran was designed like baggage. So people could carry their purchases very easily.

For the last point, we should mention if you would like to know more about Nazari Cake better, you can use the Nazari website. On this webpage, you can find any information about Nazari Co.

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