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The 10 Best Remote Desktop software to access your computer

by janeausten

The commute to the office may soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to some of the best remote desktop software, office users are no longer tied to their desks. This type of software allows you to connect to your pc, control your computer, and remotely access and manage computers, mobile devices, and servers from home or anywhere else.

It’s great for the HomeWork (working from home) lifestyle, large organizations, or even businesses that offer technical support/troubleshooting to large numbers of users. Undoubtedly, it increases the overall productivity of the individual and the organization.

The best remote desktop software offers on-demand remote support and unattended access. Also, it should have customization options to tweak the software according to your needs.

Data security is another aspect of remote desktop software that you should seriously consider. Protections can include end-to-end encryption, idle session timeout, user-based logon, and multi-factor authentication.

Features to look for in the best remote desktop connection software

When choosing remote desktop software, you should check these features:

  • The ability to remotely access any computer from anywhere and from any device or web browser.
  • Ability to manage files, transfer data, and print documents.
  • Real-time screen sharing and collaboration.
  • Support for multiple platforms and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux) and web browser.
  • Access to several machines at the same time.
  • Secure encrypted file transfers for sending files, patches, and updates.
  • Security aspects, such as unique keys for each computer, remote screen lock, and more.
  • Support for use on cellular data or Wi-Fi for remote access.
  • Voice and video chat, plus video conferencing.

The best remote access software in 2021

Remote PC


Free trial for seven days. Annual plans start at $ 29.62 (consumer) and reach $ 52.12 (SOHO), $ 187.12 (team), and $ 374.62 (company). Rates are applicable for the first year and the number of computers you can access increases with higher plans.

Main features:

  • Access to any platform-independent, unlimited remote device
  • Simultaneous access is always active and unlimited
  • File transfer and remote printing
  • Remote reboot
  • Videoconferencing solution
  • View multiple monitors from a remote computer on a single screen
  • Set roles and access permissions for users
  • Grouping of computers
  • Track your activity with remote desktop and web activity logs
  • Remote access from top Android, iOS, Chromebook, and Kindle

Microsoft Remote Desktop


Free remote desktop, but you will need a Microsoft account.

Main features:

  • Connects to remote PCs, desktops, and virtual apps
  • Configure your PC for remote access and download the assistant
  • Works with PCs running Windows Professional, Enterprise or Windows Server
  • It connects remotely through a remote desktop gateway
  • Rich multi-touch experience that supports Windows gestures
  • Secure connection to your data and apps
  • High quality audio and video streaming
  • Simple management of your connections from the connection center
  • Log in to your Microsoft account to access this app
  • Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices

Chrome Remote Desktop



Main features:

  • Easily connect with your remote computer, at home or anywhere
  • Share the screen with team members
  • Secure access from any device
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Give or receive support remotely
  • Use the latest web technologies such as webRTC
  • It works with both Android and iOS devices
  • Connect to another remote computer using a one-time passcode, to be confirmed every 30 minutes
  • To end a sharing session, simply click Stop Sharing
  • Download Google Chrome remote desktop on your mobile device to access it from any other device

TeamViewer remote desktop


TeamViewer remote desktop is free for personal use. 15-day free trial for commercial use. Single-user Business license for $ 29.90 / month, Multi-user Premium license for € 59.90 / month, and Business team license for 129.90 € / month, all billed annually.

Main features:

  • High-speed connection and end-to-end encryption
  • Connect to your desktop, even in silent or sleep mode
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, and Linux
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with popular IT and business apps
  • Supports up to ten meeting participants
  • Mass deployment to hundreds of devices in the top package
  • Multiple PC remote control sessions at a time
  • Assign and manage up to 500 devices using centralized setting policies
  • Remote file sharing and printing
  • Add-ons for advanced functionality

Zoho Assist


15-day free trial. The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise packages cost respectively € 10 per month, € 15 per month, and € 24 per month for up to five technicians. The price goes down as the number of technicians increases. Unattended Access is an add-on starting at $ 10 per month for 25 computers.

Main features:

  • Cloud-based remote support and remote access software
  • Browser-based console to perform a whole range of actions remotely
  • PC remote control sessions ad hoc or on request without prior installation
  • Invitees can also join the remote session via email invitation
  • Unattended remote control sessions both inside and outside the LAN
  • Mass distribution options are available
  • Secure, encrypted file transfer to send updates and patches
  • Voice or video chat for faster resolution
  • Reboot and reconnect remotely
  • Ideal for providing support to a large customer base



In addition to the customized business plan that allows for on-site installation, the Essentials plan (€ 9.90 / month) and the performance plan (€ 19.90 / month/user) are available. They give you unattended access to one managed device and up to 3,000 managed devices respectively.

Main features:

  • Secure and reliable remote desktop connections
  • Low latency and high frame rates even with low bandwidth
  • High level of security thanks to encryption, password protection, and two-factor authentication
  • It works on all common operating systems and devices
  • Transfer files and print remotely
  • Create a whitelist to allow access only to authorized addresses
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Configure unattended access
  • Automatically deploy to multiple computers and configure as required

Parallels Access


Personal plans are available at $ 17.99 for one year and $ 30.99 for two years. They allow you to manage one user account and connect up to five unlimited computers and mobile devices. Business plans cost € 44.99 for one year and € 79.70 for two years. They allow unlimited users.

Main features:

  • It allows you to run your desktop apps on mobile devices
  • Lock’n’Go magnifying glass function for easy selection
  • AppLauncher to launch any desktop app on mobile devices
  • Optimize the screen resolution as you wish
  • Combine it with iPad multitasking for increased productivity
  • Access files on remote PCs, in the cloud, or locally within the file manager
  • Share files with colleagues directly from your computer or mobile phone
  • Remote access to your PC from any web browser
  • Use microphone input from your mobile device with remote desktop connection apps
  • The account administrator can create and manage users

ConnectWise Control


The price is related to the number of unattended access agents. For example, it costs $ 38 / month for 25 agents and $ 67 / month for 50 agents.

Main features:

  • Remote access to the unattended PC
  • Help monitor and support machines anywhere without interruption
  • Secure login with encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Simple and clear reports that are easy to read
  • Instant connectivity and scalable security
  • 120+ integrations and extensions
  • Sharing tools between hosts during remote control sessions
  • Manage user permissions by grouping users into roles
  • Run multiple pre-configured reports for actionable insights in remote sessions

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