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Event Engagement Guide For Event Enthusiasts

by janeausten
Event Engagement

Are you looking to increase attendance at your events? Are you looking for ways to get more people engaged? If so, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss ways to get more people interested in your events and ways to keep them engaged throughout the event. We’ll also discuss ways to increase attendance and create a more engaging event experience.

Ways to enhance event engagement

Without further adieu, let’s look at ways to enhance event engagement.

Use Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags can be found all over the internet. If you’re unsure about its ability to increase audience engagement for your forthcoming events, remember that employing a unique hashtag before, during, and after an event can result in up to 40% more engagement. The hashtag will increase your brand’s visibility across all social media platforms. Additionally, you can use hashtags to provide information before the event.

Use hashtags during the event to share all the media and content. Apart from social media, a few event management systems now include the ability to create and promote hashtags within their apps. Because the audiences in the event management app are legitimate, employing hashtags there will provide faster and better results. Also, include your hashtags in emails, tickets, invitations, and other event marketing products.

Display a social wall

Engaging content is the foundation of a memorable event. The content you present should serve the strategic goal of your event while also catering to the interests and demands of your audience.

Displaying a social media wall at events has recently been a revelation as far as bringing brilliant content to the fore is considered. Likewise, it has become the recipe for success as far as engaging audiences at events are considered. 

A social wall is a unique real-time representation of user-generated content on digital screens across multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. The user-generated content is in texts, photos, and videos. 

A social wall is not limited to only a marketing touchpoint; it can be used across multiple marketing touchpoints, such as email campaigns, virtual & hybrid events, websites, and e-commerce stores.

Make use of the seating arrangement

For some sessions, traditional seating patterns are still the best option. Still, there are additional solutions that can boost engagement at your event. For example, consider circular and other interactivity-friendly designs. Of course, different layouts serve different reasons, so think about your goals and the best way to approach each session.

If you don’t want to modify the seating arrangement entirely, attempt a minor change like using round tables to encourage the audience to naturally engage with one another.

Select a customizable event platform

The most important thing when attending an event is to have a well-designed event management platform. Having a platform to interact with potential guests, socialize with them, and chat with them can help an event succeed in the long run. 

Choose an event management software that allows attendees to communicate with the speaker one-on-one, ask questions, and talk with other attendees. 

In addition, promoting the event through advertisements, releasing pre-event information, communicating with the audience using hashtags, and allowing attendees to post images and videos of the event will work well. As a result, keep these things in mind while selecting an event management software.

Ensure you and your attendees access these tools when choosing an event management software.

Share behind-the-scenes activities

Behind-the-scenes photos and videos are fascinating because they show what goes on behind the scenes. They’re also essential for observing what occurs before the stage is even constructed!

Sharing behind-the-scenes photos and stories ahead of time is a terrific approach to increase conversation and engagement. These activities could be anything such as marathon runners sharing their training schedules, music festival attendees sharing their clothing selections, and tourists sharing their destination event trip itinerary.

You can do the same thing they’re doing by sharing your preparedness. Give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the event’s production to make them feel like insiders. These quick peeks can help you connect with potential guests more intimately.

Interact to create a community

You can use competitions, games, or awards to draw the audience’s attention while holding an event. You can interact with audiences in a fun way, develop a community, and start intriguing dialogues by building games. One tried, and a proper strategy to keep audiences engaged is incorporating activities followed by award presentations. 

According to a survey, 60% of event organizers employ games to increase audience participation. You can, for example, reward points for participation in live polls or Q&A sessions.

Also, ensure that the winner can redeem the points after the event. Gamification keeps the audience engaged not only with the host but also with the other guests who are playing the game.

Wrapping Up!

The event engagement guide provides tips on engaging with attendees before, during, and after events. It also includes a call to action to help event planners create an effective strategy for engaging with their audience.

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