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Here’s A Styling Guide To Style Your Prada Sunglasses This Summer

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The House of Prada dates back to 1913 as a company of leather goods by brothers Martino and Mario Prada, importing – steamer trunks and purses. It was in 1989 that the brand debuted its ready-to-wear women’s line. And teamed up with the De Rigo Group in 1990, launching the first eyewear collection. Moving forward today, Prada sunglasses stand as the ultimate-priced possession for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The exceptional manufacturing quality and craftsmanship of the sunglasses speak for themselves. The brand opts to work on new designs every season and has kept a few basic styles intact, inspired by the iconic looks from the 1950s. Each piece of eyewear has a neutral tone that you can style with any apparel you choose. Wondering how? Here is a quick tour of various styling options you can experiment with using extravagant Prada sunglasses.

Style Up For Summer With Prada Sunglasses

This summer is about flaunting your style game with Prada sunglasses. That comprehensive eye covers with eyeconic cuts will surely add to your presence. As per your outfit choice, decide between black, white, and brown, or you can also go for a multicoloured look. Moving on, let’s start with the gameplay and style you up ASAP!

Avoid Combining Formal With Informal

That is a common mistake regularly for all, mainly among city dwellers. You end up mixing your clothes for the office with a sporty sunglass look. However, there is scope for betterment, and you can always team up “Prada sunglasses for the office” with your suit for an official look. 

Add In A Dash Of Colour To Your Outfit

Whether it is a day brunch, an office tournament or a simple on-site visit, Prada sunglasses with a bit of colour will surely add grace to your monochromatic outlook. When your entire wardrobe is dominated by black, greys, and blues, styling them with sunglasses comprising adequate colours is not offensive. 

Match Up In Style

In summer, less is more. With all that sweaty weather, you will feel more claustrophobic, going for a striking look. So try to keep your accessories minimal without cutting down on the necessities. You can always opt for the classic black frame Parada sunglasses to match your everyday look. Otherwise, consider creating a matched look between your accessories and the sunglasses. For example, wear eyewear with a silver frame if you wear earrings, necklaces and bracelets with your dress. For men, match up your watch with the sunglasses you have planned to wear.   

Aim For A Complete Look

As already discussed, you must not try to combine your office wear with sporty sunglasses. The same goes for other looks as well. Sunglasses can make or break your style game. Under such a condition, you cannot afford to go careless with your look. Consider the overall vibe of your outfit, and consider the same for your Prada sunglasses.

Also, the colour of your hair has an important role when selecting sunglass. Go for metallic frames in gleaming black, silver and gold when you have black hair. Pink and light blue frames are suitable for blondes. When you have light brown hair, wear black and blue sunglasses. And choose a vintage side like teal for dark brown hair colour.

How To Take Care Of Your Prada Sunglasses

Considering the monetary value of your Prada sunglasses, you might not want them to get damaged under any circumstance. So here is a complete guide on how to care for the same.

  • Use a protective case to store your sunglasses. When carrying them in your bag, there are other objects as well. That might cause dents or scratches in your shades. Also, consider wrapping up your sunglasses in the microfibre cloth it comes along.
  • Consult with the sales executive while you are purchasing Prada sunglasses. Ask them about the cleanser you shall use to clean up the shades and stick to the same. Using non-recommended products might adversely affect your sunglasses, making them lose the shine and luster they came with.
  • Putting your sunglasses on the top of the head makes for a great style statement. However, they have other effects as well. Certainly, sunglasses can get caught in your hair, especially those with wired nose pieces. While pulling down, you might get hurt, or the nosepiece might get damaged. Your Prada sunglasses’ earpieces can stretch based on your head’s shape. And it will loosen up with time, causing the sunglasses to slip off your nose when you look down. Thus, it is always recommended to remove the sunglasses when not adding any value to your overall appearance.


That was all helping you with a definitive style guide for your Prada sunglasses. Always remember the more you care for them, the more they will last. Also, make sure to match the tone of your sunglasses with the outfit you wear and voila! You are ready to show off in style.

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