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6 Ways To Style White Shoes With Different Colored Socks For An Effortless Look

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A nice pair of white sneakers can save your day. This form of classic glory has taken the world by storm. They are no longer a trend but, with time, have been upgraded to an ultimate fashion necessity for everyone’s wardrobe.

You will find a few products, like white sneakers, that have been able to transcend the boundaries of gender, age, style and occasion. Thus turning out to be truly timeless and completely universal. However, with too much fame comes great pressure, which people feel while wearing white sneakers. Pairing the evergreen white sneakers with different colored socks can be a game changer. But there are specific ways to do the same!

6 Ways To Style White Shoes With Multi Colored Socks For An Effortless Look 

White sneakers/shoes work best when it’s time to break the monotony. The pair of shoes is all about resembling something clean, sleek and vintage. Most of the time, people prefer wearing no-show socks with white sneakers for a clean look. However, sometimes it is good to opt for a change. Let’s help you out in styling your white sneakers on occasions, climates, and events.

1.     Show Or No Show

As already discussed, it is common for people to go for no-show socks with white sneakers. And if you are ready to stick to the same, then the sock’s color shall no longer be a situation of concern. Go for colorful footbed variants, also known as “insole socks.” These will comfort your feet and help keep that odor away from your feet by absorbing the sweat. You can team up the look with summer-appropriate shorts or denim. 

2.     Color Coordinate As Per The Climate Outside

You can decide on the sock’s material based on the climate outside. Woolen multi-colored weaves are the best for winter, while the summer is all about silk and anti-smell rayon. There are specific colors that you shall consider as well. Blacks absorb more heat and shall be avoided during the summertime. Instead, you can opt for the color gray and all the light tones, which are comfortable. For winters, dark blue and heavy browns will keep your feet cozy, warm and stylish at the same time.

3.     Choose A Shade Depending On The Purpose Of Your Outing

The people you are planning to meet and the time of the day can be another deciding factor for your choice of socks. For an official event with a strict dress code, you must choose ankle/calf-length socks with adequate colors. For a casual outing, you are free to prioritize personal preferences. Decide your color choices based on the outfit you plan to wear.

4.     When Simple Black Is Your Favorite

When deciding to attend an official meet or an informal brunch with your colleagues, pairing up denim wear with black socks and white sneakers can never go wrong. However, try to avoid styling up high boots with cropped denim pants. As that will create an unnecessary illusion of too-short legs. For women, black ankle-length socks with these sneakers can be a go-to choice for every occasion. 

5.     White On White Is Always Right

You must have seen players wearing calf-length socks and boots while attending a game. Seeking inspiration from the same, you can also consider pairing white sneakers with white socks featuring stripes at the calf area. According to your personal choice, you can select any other color but try to consider the dress code of the occasion/event as well. 

6.     Go All Stripe

One can style their sneakers in white with stripe socks for a cool, funky look. Though this look is tricky to pull, one will surely make it up with the right preferences. Opt for an all-white outfit, white sneakers and striped socks in the middle. It will break the monotony of your look and help you click the best shot for your Instagram handle. 

A Few Tips To Take Care Of Your White Sneakers

Though white sneakers are always in style, maintaining those pristine shades just the way they are, gets tricky a few times. However, effort and consistency will help you build that footwear maintenance game. Making your sneakers look all white for years.

  • Remember to store them in a cool and dry place.
  • Clean up the stains and stamps once you wear them for the day. Keep a separate piece of cloth aside in your shoe rack.
  • If the material in the making is leather, consider regular conditioning to increase the shoe’s life span.

Initially, it might come as a challenging task, but you can handle it all with time. 


Whether at the office, on a day picnic, having lunch with friends or having a planned night out, you can always rely on these whites. So what are you waiting for? Search for  best white sneakers online today and style up a smart look of your choice.

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