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How to Draw a Star

by janeausten
How to Draw a Star

How to Draw a Star. A star is something someone would know why we saw them in the night sky. Although we all have seen the real thing, the symbol of a star is also immediately recognizable. It can signify a job well done or even show that you are really famous! The star symbol may seem simple, but it may be a little difficult to do well, so if you want to learn to draw a star, you are in the right place!

We created this simple guide on how to draw a star in 7 easy steps to make it easier for whatever! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Star

Step 1:

For our first step in this guide on drawing a star, we will start with something simple but important. I recommend using a rule while working in terms of its star to ensure that sizes are consistent. Let’s draw in the first part of your star’s drawing and do this. We will start by drawing what looks like a backless triangle.

To make things easier, we will refer to every part of the star as an arm. Where the end of the line, try to leave a small turn, as you can see in the reference image because this is where you connect the other sides.

Step 2:

For the next steps, we reproduced the first arm of the sea star you designed in step 1. Keep your arms near the same length. It can help measure the duration of the star’s first arm lines and ensure the lines forming the other arms are the same length.

Step 3:

We draw on the star’s right arm for the third stage of your star design. It should be a little easier because you will create a mirrored image of the left arm to get an idea of ​​the angle where it should be. Be sure that measurement of the duration of the other arm will help make this duration consistent with the rest.

Step 4:

In step 4 of this guide on how to draw a star, we will add the star’s right arm. It must be much easier to take everything you have learned by drawing the other three!

The most delicate part is to get the right angle, but if you keep your measurements coherent and refer to the reference image, it can be much easier! With a little preparation and practice, I’m sure you will have it.

Step 5:

You came so far, and it’s almost there! It must be the easiest arm of the star to draw as you have the other arms to use as a guide. Getting the angle of the arms on the right can be a little delicate, so you can pull your star in pencil and then enter the pen when satisfied. If you use the pencil first, ensure that the pen in the pen with which you draw it is dry before erasing it! If you erase too early, you can do the ink stain, so it is important to give this step slowly.

Step 6:

How to Draw a Star

Now that the shape of your star is complete, you can customize it and do it yourself! We show a way to customize your star with a smiling face so you can accompany you or draw faces for you! You can also draw fun patterns or empty them; at this stage, it’s yours! We can barely wait to see how you finish your star design.

Step 7:

How to Draw a Star

Your Star’s drawing is complete, and all left is to bring beautiful colors to life! We show it in a way so you can color your Star Drawing, but you should let your creativity go crazy at this step! Are you going to make a traditional shiny yellow or bring your drawing with bright and bright colors to life? You can also try different art supports for amazing color variations.

The use of media such as acrylic paintings, watercolors, pens, and colored pencils can help you get any appearance or humor you can imagine! We look forward to seeing which colors, art, and styles you choose to finish your impressive starry drawings!

Make your Star drawing even better.

This fun, artistic tips make this Star attractive and even more surprising! Our night sky is full of countless stars that are a true wonder. It is also linked to our first advice to make this star sketch even bigger than it is already. After finishing this guide, you already understand drawing a star, and something fun would be to get much more. It can be larger or less than what you have ever designed, and you may even try to give everyone a unique facial expression! Speaking of facial expressions, we show that you could not attract this guide. There is much more than you can draw, and you can have a lot of fun creating different variations!

You can draw a cartoon face, which is more realistic or convey happy or sad emotions. It is the kind of image you can be creative with, so we hope you show us what fun facial expressions you can find! Its star drawing is the head of a body, which is another fun way to change this design. When adding legs and arms, you would land with a minor character! It can be dancing, running, or any other fun activity you can imagine. What scenarios can you think could put this character? 

You can also add accessories so that the character interacts! We cover the colors of the guide, and now we will share some ways to improve them more for this star drawing. In the guide, we suggest using bright gems for the Star. After choosing your colors, you also have different negotiations and media you can use to take it to the next level. For example, the use of shine would make Star shine like the real in the night sky.

Your star drawing is complete.

With your latest details and additional colors, you managed to shoot a star! We created this guide on drawing a star in 7 easy steps to make this drawing challenge easier to accept and much more fun! We hope this step-by-step guide was useful and fun to use. Remember that even the most difficult drawing tasks can be much easier if you divide them into manageable steps!

If you follow this guide and do your best, you will draw impressive stars quickly. There is also much room to be creative and put your rotation in your star drawing! If you do this by designing faces, patterns, and styles or with different colors and averages, you can put your rotation in your drawing. Let’s download many new drawing guides like this, so consult our site often never to lose pleasure! After finishing drawing and coloring in your Star Drawing, we hope you share it on our Facebook page to admire!

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