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Korean Red Pine Needle Oil- for Extraordinary Health Benefits!

by janeausten
Korean red pine needle oil

Oil extracted from the needles of a pine tree is an excellent supplement for health. Korean red pine needle oil is traditional and has been used for centuries. It is widely grown in Korea and Japan. It belongs to the botanical family of Pinaceae, and its scientific name is Cedrus deodara.  It has more than 100 species, but the most potent pine is the red pine. It began treating kidney or bladder problems, but the research continued, and it was soon realised that Korean pine needle oil can be used for more purposes. The marketing of pine oil is prevalent because of its numerous healing and aromatherapy uses.  It is commonly termed a traditional Christmas tree because it smells like one! 

Main benefits of Korean red pine needle oil

The following are the benefits of using Korean pine needle oil:-

Prevent inflammation

Pine needle oil has anti-oxidants like chlorophyll, rutin, and vitamins A and C. It improves digestion and sleep patterns and enhances body energy levels. The body can produce glutathione and superoxide dismutase with these anti-oxidants. The body is protected from oxidative stress, aging, DNA damage, and inflammation. 

Immunity booster

The vitamins and iron in pine oil stimulate the immune system. Cell development is regulated with pine needle oil which boosts immunity. The body’s functioning can be improvised with the intake of this oil as the reproduction processes like gastrointestinal growth and development of the body reach the next level. 

Great purifier

It can detoxify the body and clean it internally. It shields the body against harmful agents and enzymes. It helps the body fight parasites. The impurities get washed away, and there are fewer chances of catching infections. 

Balancing blood pressure

Studies suggest that pine oil is a fantastic supplement to maintain blood pressure naturally. The right amount of calcium and magnesium in the oil balances the fluctuations. 

Enhances skin

The production of collagen helps in keeping wrinkles and acne at bay. Other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes and wounds on the skin can also be cured with Korean pine needle oil. Any skin damage can be redeemed by applying the right amount of pine oil. 

Fighting cancer

There are pieces of evidence that reveal that pine oil can help with tumours. It blocks the cell growth of the tumour, including breast cancer. 

Other health-related conditions

Other health issues like cold, constipation, prostate, and fatigue can be controlled with pine pollen. Proteins, carbohydrates and minerals present make it a suitable dietary supplement. It will make your entire diet wholesome.

Let us conclude

With Korean pine needle oil, your general health can be elevated. The striking smell makes its presence noticeable in whatever food you use. You can consume it directly or add it to your tea, coffee, soups or juices. People use it in a variety of ways, like as a mist diffuser, massage oil, or adding it to food or beverage. If using it as a massage oil, mix it with regular oil. It can also benefit you with arthritis. All you have to do is gently massage the affected area in proper routines.  More than drops are required for desirable results. It is an excellent solution to sinuses as well as minor respiratory issues. Using an appropriate amount of pine oil is going to be helpful. It has to be considered that pine needle oil shouldn’t be used on sensitive regions of skin like eyes, nose or burnt skin directly. Diluting it with water can normalise its effect.

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