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Lipsticks, one the most Selling Cosmetic Products

by janeausten
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One of the selling beauty products is lipstick. Girls are just crazy about this product and almost all girls have must this product in their beauty box. Lipstick is an attractive cosmetic product, but by using an appropriate packaging solution for your lipstick packaging you would double the impact of lipsticks. Lipstick! Hurrah this is the first expression of all women whenever we talk about lipstick in front of them. It is basically a solid form of cosmetic made of oil, pigment, and waxes. Lipsticks are generally used to add colors, texture, and a glittery look to your lips. Every woman knows about lipstick but no one knows about its historical origin and how ancient people used lipstick. I am going to tell you all these facts one by one. The history of lipsticks belongs 5000 years back to ancient Sumerian men and women. It was considered that Sumerians were the first who invent lipsticks. In early times people use lipsticks to decorate their whole faces. Crushed gemstones were also applied to lips by many women in ancient times.

Women in Japan and China use dyes for coloring their lips in old times and it was very harmful to the skin. If we talk about the trends of lipstick, nowadays lipstick is used as bold, nude, matte, and glossy. The lipstick looks trendier when it is applied in light colors and gives casual look to your lips. The value of lipstick is always un-neglectable in all cosmetics from its origin.  Now if we talk about the average spending on lipsticks surely it is the major part of total spending on cosmetics. A woman on average spent $ 1780 in her lifetime on lipstick. It means lipstick share is very large in whole cosmetics earnings. The question arises here what makes your lipstick captivating the answer is yes the boxes in which you are going to pack them.  So if you want to increase sales and become an industry leader then one most important factors must take into account is the best suitable packaging solutions for your lipsticks.

Customized Box Packaging Your Lipsticks:

All the efforts you make to satisfy your customer and to make the ideation of your customers true by providing endlessly customized packaging solutions for their lipsticks refer to customization. Nowadays customers are more quality conscious. So it is not easy to satisfy your customer without any effort. Customized and personalized packaging helps you to make your product up to snuff. Good-quality packaging not just advertises your lipstick boxes but also helps to convey your brand message to your potential and new customers.

Lipstick Boxes Help To Cater to Multi-Purpose Of Packaging:

Lipstick boxes are used to enhance beauty but it serves many other purposes also. First, lipstick boxes help to prevent the lipsticks inside the box from external factors that cause damage to the product. The packaging also facilitates products by providing a storage facility when the lipsticks are placed in boxes then they become would be easily stored and require less space for storage. If you use lightweight lipstick boxes then the handling and transportation of these boxes become easier as these boxes would easily lift and loaded by labor packaging also promote the sales processes through printing promotions on the boxes in which lipsticks are going to pack.

Different type of useful information guides its user about the use, date of expiry of the product, and list of ingredients this information acts as the agent of your products. In addition to all this packaging also constitutes your brand image by delivering your message to its end user.  Packaging is nowadays considered the fifth P of the marketing mix after place, price, product, and promotion. So by just making an appropriate decision about packaging, you would gain a lot of benefits.

Types Of Lipstick Packaging That Fulfill Unique Demands Of Customers:

Before going to make any packaging decision for your lipsticks you have to know what types of lipstick packaging boxes are in trend. Let’s discuss some common types of lipstick boxes.

Cardboard Lipstick Boxes:

Cardboard is a type of material that is most widely used in box manufacturing. It is generally constituted by many types of material like paper and board. The boxes made up of cardboard are easily recyclable through a proper process. Tight-fitting cardboard boxes are specially designed to place lipsticks tightly inside the box so they don’t move in the box and keep them safe.

Lipstick Gift Boxes:

Lipsticks are also used for gift purposes but when you are going to gift lipsticks to your loved ones use an appropriate box with some decoration these boxes are termed lipstick gift boxes. 

In Conclusion:

In the end to conclude my whole discussion I would like to say that by just using perfect packaging and quality products you would easily turn your losses into profit.

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