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by janeausten

This years winner of Texas Monthly magazine’s annual competition for the best barbecue in Texas was Snow’s in Lexington TX- a hitherto unknown joint run by Kerry Bexley and pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz. Before opening Snow’s Bexley worked as a rodeo clown, a prison guard, an auctioneer, and in business uniforms as a realtor and shopkeeper. Miss Tootsie, seventy-five years young, came to Snow’s as a schoolteacher. From 1966 through 1976 she worked as pitmaster at the City Meat Market barbecue in Giddings TX; and in 1976 – and for the next twenty years – she and her husband started their own Saturday barbecue at Lexington’s meat market. Snow’s was opened in 2003 and immediately became a smash hit, drawing crowds of ranchers who come into Lexington on Saturdays for the weekly livestock auction.

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Texas hill country is renowned for its barbecues, which feature a meat, meat, and more meat cuisine characteristic of the Germans and Czechs who settled this region. Snow’s is housed in a small, dark red building, inside walls stained by smoke, which barely has room for six tables and a counter. A few more tables are placed outside, near the cast iron smokers known as pits. For $8.45 a pound the customer chooses what meats he or she would like, ranging from brisket, which Texas Monthly magazine hailed as “soft and sweet as cookie dough”, pork ribs and pork butt, sausage, or chicken. The meats are served by Kerry in black aprons smoke-colored from soot, with a few slices of Wonder-type white bread and free beans; and there are side dishes of cole slaw and potato salad made by Mrs. Patschke available. Miss Tootsie gets to work at midnight and fires up the pits. The meat is slow-cooked for seven hours and served au jus – no sauce permitted (although sauces are available at tables for philistines and the profane).

Lines start forming early outside the restaurant, which opens at 8:00 am and closes when the meat is sold out which is usually long before noon since the Texas Monthly award was announced. Locals complain that they can’t get served for all the BBQ gourmets who show up from the far corners of the state. Since winning the award Snow’s has trebled its Saturday morning offering from three hundred to a thousand pounds of meat, which sometimes makes Kerry and Miss Tootsie feel overwhelmed, and sorry that the Texas Monthly tasters ever found the place. They have added three new brisket pits and hired some extra help to cook and serve. Kerry is planning to expand the business into mail order to keep up with all the demand. Snow’s offers T-shirts and pocket aprons imprinted with their logo and the motto, “Smoking the good stuff.” In spite of the handicaps of suddenly being catapulted to fame, when Kerry and Miss Tootsie – who had been content to cook barbecue for thirty years without any particular fanfare or recognition – heard that they had received the Texas Monthly award, they sat down in each other’s arms and bawled and bawled.

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Ranchers in cowboy togs and gourmets in  now flock to Lexington TX on Saturday mornings for the best BBQ in the state. Kerry and Miss Tootsie in their black aprons, joined by new employees in their , provide a true taste of back country Texas.

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