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Apply Latest Methods to Fix Brother Printer Issue

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Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue occurs when your printer does not connect to your PC. There are many reasons to cause this Brother Printer Offline issue. When you print, you press the button and there is no response. Instead, you get an error message that says your printer is not online. Learn the most effective methods in this blog to solve your “Brother printer offline windows 10” problem.

Restart both your PC and Printer

A simple reset may help to solve minor issues. switch off the Printer and Pc and turn it back on. Check to see if Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 problem is resolved.

Check connections to printers

Make sure that the connection is in order by:

If the printer of your brother is connected with a USB cable, make sure that the cable is properly connected. Also, ensure that the cable isn’t worn out as well as that the USB port is functioning properly.

If you have an Ethernet connection, be sure that your Ethernet port is connected correctly to your printer. Also, make sure that the router is functioning properly. Also, you must ensure the signal from the network on the Brother printer is flashing to solve problems with the “Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline” issue.

If you are using Wireless printers, ensure that Wi-Fi is attached to your computer network to resolve issues like the “Brother Printer Offline” issue.

Update printer drivers

Incorrect, outdated printer drivers can cause the printer to shut down. It is advised to update the driver of your printer to fix the Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue. It is possible to update driver drivers manually or by automating. You can update manually driver drivers for your printer by visiting this Brother Support page.

It is also possible to automatically upgrade the driver for your printer by making use of Driver Easy. Driver Easy will recognize your computer and locate the right drivers for the printer and Windows.

Set your printer to default, and then disable the Print Offline option

The printer that isn’t set as default settings or If the using the Printer option is disabled, it could result in the Brother Printer offline Windows 10. It is necessary to examine the settings for the printer to determine if the printer has been set to default settings and if the Utilize printer Offline option is not enabled.

  • Click on the Control Panel and then go to Device and Printers.
  • Right-click the printer, and then select “See what’s printing.”
  • A window will open. Select the printer tab.
  • Select “Use Printer Offline” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the printer tab again and then set the printer to the default.

Restart printer spooler service

Issues with the printer spooler service can result in your printer having to become offline. To restart your printer’s spooler and solve your Brother Printer Offline issue, go to the Service Manager. Scroll down, and then click Printer Spooler Service > Restart.

Have you found the answer? If you do not have any idea how to resolve the issue, talk to our experts via the Printer Support helpline to solve the Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline issue.

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