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Keeping Your Floors Looking Great and Gorgeous

by janeausten

Gorgeous Floors, specifically hard-surface floors, comprise an extensive portion of the building. They are places where your employees clean up much of their time. Look over the ingredients list in some of the most popular https://www.buildingconnects.com/ care products your cleaning service uses. Certain ingredients are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), EGME (ethylene glycol methyl isopropyl ether), EGEE (ethylene glycol ethyl thermosphere) along with 2-butoxy ethanol. These common chemicals have detrimental environmental and health effects. Moving to more eco-friendly floor care products can lessen the risks posed by traditional chemical products and result in cost savings.

Traditional floor care products have been working for industries for decades. However, these products also make up the most potent chemicals utilized by cleaning staff. The majority of floor care finishes contain heavy metals, including zinc. Zinc ensures that the finish sticks to floors, thereby prolonging the life of the finish. But zinc may be neurotoxic (a substance that causes nerve damage (or nerve tissue) and can harm aquatic creatures. There are now new options and a range of top-quality eco-friendly cleaning products and strippers that work just like traditional flooring products. They are safe for employees and more sustainable for the earth. What can you tell whether the product is “green” and not just being advertised as a safe alternative? Find flooring products approved with Green Seal. Green Seal is an independent third-party company that only confirms products that meet the strictest performance and environmental standards requirements.

Cleaning firms can also choose greener products.

It is selecting products that don’t contain heavy metals or carcinogens. Verify the VOC concentration and only purchase products with concentrations below 7 percent (when it is distillated to be used)—making sure that the products you purchase are recycled and refillable.

Buy from distributors and manufacturers who offer good instructions on using the product. Proper employee education is vital for a “green” floor care program. A well-maintained floor will extend the lifespan of the floor’s finish. Employees must follow the correct methods for mopping floors and vacuuming them and mats for floors. Daily cleaning helps keep feet clean and reduces the amount of Floor finishes Estimates maintenance products required. It’s a common mistake to use many “green” products than are required to wash, strip and refinish floors, particularly when you are making the initial switch to a green floor maintenance program. Your cleaning staff should be trained on the proper use and diluting of all cleaning chemicals that are green that are used. Using only the amount of chemicals you need to get the most polished, clean flooring is crucial. Utilizing too many chemicals is not just wasteful. It is also harmful to the flooring’s finish.

Another crucial aspect of a green flooring program is the proper use of mats for entrances; according to the ISSA, it costs (mainly in the form of labor expenses) to take away one pound of soil once it has entered a structure. The mats used to stop dirt will concentrate soil in a specific area, making it easier and less expensive to take it away. Eliminating soil from floors also removes the requirement for extensive chemical stripping, cleaning, and refinishing. It is recommended that building proprietors utilize high-quality mats made from a material that can retain and trap soil, water, and other pollutants. Rugs made of bi-level construction offer an upper level for walking, and the lower one holds water and soil. Carpets must be slip-resistant to prevent them from moving about on the flooring. Similar to the other elements of a green cleaning plan, it is essential to instruct workers on the correct methods of cleaning mats. The trapped soil must be removed off the carpet and not spread onto the floor.

There’s never a better time than now to switch towards a sustainable floor maintenance program. Selecting the correct products and taking the time to educate employees will ensure the switch to a green cleaning plan will be productive. Your buildings will remain at an excellent standard of cleanliness for your workers, buildings’ occupants, and the surrounding environment will be healthier.

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