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How to Save yourself from Traffic Penalties, especially for Commercial Vehicles?

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If you are working as a commercial driver in India, it is essential to note that you can now purchase  commercial vehicle insurance online and get your car insurance renewal done if you already have insurance.

The steps to apply for insurance online are very simple; you just need to skim through the various policies available, choose the plan you want to for, scan the documents required and apply for the insurance. You can also talk to the support team of the provider in case of any queries.

Buying a commercial vehicle insurance online is not just mandatory but an absolute necessity. You can save yourself the trouble of being penalised by road safety enforcement authorities and traffic police by ensuring that you have the necessary documents with you when on the road.

An insurance cover is one of many critical vehicle-related documents for a commercial driver. Other documents include your commercial vehicle registration certificate, driver’s license, PUC certificate, tourist permit, and fitness certificate.

While commercial drivers need to have these documents in their vehicles any time they carry out their commercial activities, they also need to be aware of road safety rules.

All road drivers need to adhere to many road safety and traffic regulations. Here are some traffic rules that all vehicle owners should obey while driving on the highways and streets of India if they are to avoid penalties from the traffic police.

The Importance of Road Safety Rules in India

The road safety rules in India are no different from those implemented in other developed parts of the world. Creating and enforcing these rules instils discipline, caution, respect for other road users, safety, and law and order amongst all road users. 

Every road user is expected to know and adhere to all traffic regulations in India. That is a prerequisite for getting a valid driver’s license. 

The importance of road safety cannot be overemphasised, as road accidents account for a high number of fatalities in India. As many more private and commercial vehicles ply the roads of India, there is an even greater risk of road accidents and death.

Traffic Regulations for Road Users in India

Whether a private road user or a commercial driver, you must comply with several road safety and traffic regulations. Failure to obey these traffic rules will lead to offenders being penalised.

Here are some of the principal traffic regulations that road users need to adhere to:

Stay on the Left Side of Traffic

Since right-hand drive vehicles are more predominant in India, road users should keep to the left side of the road when driving. Vehicles overtake from the right side of the road.

Obey Traffic Signs and Lights

Traffic police are always on the lookout for erring drivers that do not obey traffic signs and lights. So make sure to always adhere to all traffic signs and lights when driving.

Respect the Right of Way Rule

To avoid traffic incidents and accidents, you should always respect the right of way rule. You should allow oncoming vehicles at an intersection to pass before you carefully make your way onto the side of the road that has incoming traffic.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble with traffic police by ensuring you have all your vehicle documents intact and, most importantly, car insurance renewal papers.

Emergency services vehicles should always be given a right of way. These vehicles include ambulances, fire engines, and the police. Also, when you get to a zebra crossing, make sure to stop and allow pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road.

Park Properly

It is not uncommon to see commercial drivers parking their vehicles in a way that obstructs oncoming traffic. It is an illegal activity, and offenders could be penalised by traffic police. 

While potential customers often flag commercial vehicles at any point in time, it is the driver’s responsibility to park properly by veering off to the side of the road or service lane.

Your vehicle could be towed off the road by authorities if you violate this rule. By parking in a way that disturbs the flow of traffic.

No Passengers on Articulated Vehicles 

Drivers of articulated vehicles like caterpillars or tractors cannot carry any passengers. This regulation also applies to drivers of a goods carrier as well. Another rule that could see offenders punished for breaking is the loading rule. 

Commercial and private vehicles are expected to carry a certain number of passengers, luggage, and goods. Overloading a vehicle is a punishable offence. Conveying dangerous explosive, hazardous or flammable materials on the road is illegal. Because of their potential to combust and cause a fire.

In Conclusion 

Purchasing commercial vehicle insurance online can go a long way in protecting you from a loss. Of a vehicle and ensure a steady source of livelihood. 

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