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5 Best Frameworks for Android App Development in 2022

by janeausten

Mobile Application Framework is a development tool that is becoming globally popular for easily creating applications without spending a fortune on valuable time and resources. Their rapidly growing popularity is due to the growing demand for mobile apps.

The number of viewers on mobile devices is increasing, and businesses are moving towards a modern, more sophisticated way of doing business online from a traditional business perspective.

According to reports, the mobile app development market CARG is expanding at a rapid pace of 14% and is expected to touch revenue of around USD 100 billion by 2022.

These figures clearly show the growing demand for mobile apps in Android app development company and the need for innovative tools and pocket-friendly budgets capable of creating mobile apps in the short term to meet such requirements.

Those tools are the mobile application framework and will completely overturn the mobile application development market by 2022.

What is an application framework?

The Android App Framework is a software toolkit that enables app developers to put together a finished product that meets the needs of its owner. The framework provides the bones of the application, presented with graphics, animation, special features and functionality.

The application framework is designed to simplify the app development process and make it easier to manage, modify, and fix bugs on the road. It is necessary to distinguish between SDK (Software Development Kit) and Framework. The SDK includes software development tools, including frameworks.

Different Android app development frameworks share many similar features and special features that make them better suited for certain types of projects. The application framework you select should be tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Attributes of the best Android app development framework

With so many Android application frameworks available, finding the ones that satisfy the needs of developers and stakeholders and the ones that stand out can be challenging. The top Android app development company India used the following criteria to build finest Android apps:

Cross-platform capability

The framework enables developers to use the same codebase across all operating systems. The application will have the same look, feel and user experience on any device.

Also, any updates and fixes are automatically reflected globally. Even if you’re primarily interest in building an Android app, you can save time and money on the road by using a framework designed to accommodate multiple platforms.

Popularity among developers

App creators want to work with a framework for Android development that simplifies the creative process with minimal speed barriers. They want to be able to test, troubleshoot and fix bugs in the least complex and most time-efficient way possible.

User Interface

As applications become more sophisticated and sophisticated, being able to customize framework components to achieve the best user experience for each project is fundamental to high-level application development.

React Native

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform development framework released in 2015. It is create by social media giant Facebook and is one of the best new Android frameworks for mobile app development.

React Native React relies on a huge JS library to create apps on Android and iOS. The cross-platform feature allows developers to write code only once and run it elsewhere. It makes the Android mobile application development process very fast and cost-effective.

From time to time, developers encounter difficulties such as repetition duration, codebase differences, required programming, etc. Reactive Native is the best solution to all the problems that make it a pioneer in the new Android framework.

  • React Native has built-in UI components and native API access that allows the Android app to enjoy a refined look and excellent performance.
  • It has a hot-reload feature, which enables developers to update files without disturbing the current state of the application.


Flutter is the latest in line with the Mobile Application Development SDK. Owned and maintained by tech giant Google, it is an open-source framework for creating cross-platform applications. The framework is written in DART language and uses a codebase.

This leading Android framework is innovative because its approach to app development differs from that of its contemporaries. It streamlines the multi-platform development process to create high-quality interfaces for Android and iOS.

Google’s Flutter Framework benefits greatly from a 2D rendering engine. The visuals produced using the skis match the material design and the Cupertino style.

  • Flutter also proves to be a solid testing framework for testing UI, unit and functionality.
  • Additionally, this development framework has a highly acclaimed hot reload feature that enables seamless testing without restarting the app.
  • This new Android framework is an industry favourite for mobile application development due to its useful features like fast rendering, screen reader, many themes, etc.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a widely used open-source, free-to-use ARP development framework for building mobile game apps. The framework is built on Lua scripting language, which is lightweight, easy to use and suitable for creating gameplay.

Corona SDK is use to create cross-platform mobile game apps that can be access through platforms such as IIS, Android and Android.

  • An interesting feature of Corona SDK is that it enables a ten times faster development process than other Android app frameworks.
  • Using just one code base, Corona’s SDK is capable of creating apps and games for mobile and desktop.
  • The framework is available for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • It’s easy to learn, lightweight, and robust.
  • Includes over a thousand built-in feature-rich APIs, many plugins and dynamic advertising platforms for developers.
  • It also supports native UI and real-time testing.


Ionic is an on-source mobile airline that is free to use. It is based on Angular. This framework enables developers to create cross-platform mobile ARP for three different platforms: Android, IIS and Windows. The mobile airline produced by Ionis is a strong and specialized original airline with seamless performance.

The Ionic Framework covers developers how to integrate UI elements with list views, filters, forms, Asian sheets, navigation menus, etc., to enhance the design.

While developers have hands-on experience in content languages ​​like HTML, Java and CSS and have business-to-business opportunities to create interactive, high-performance, hybrid / web-based customizations.

  • With over 50 UI elements and an original theme, this new Android framework helps us develop sleek and attractive mobile applications.
  • It also adds special features such as richness in fluid animation and easy scrolling across applications.
  • Many large businesses have praised Ionic for its high compatibility, responsive touch features and fast execution.


Microsoft’s Xamarin is an order-sourced, cross-platform mobile device. This framework covers the development of best-in-class mobile phones using software frameworks that include programming solutions such as .NET and C #. Developers use Xamarin to create an ecosystem that provides support, APIs, components, etc.

The mobile eraser built with Xamarin has a flexible native display that gives end-users a unique user experience. In addition, it is very easy to integrate various tools, libraries and programming languages ​​with Xamarin to facilitate ARP development.

  • Xamarin has an advanced toolset that allows developers to work with shared code written in C # or XAML.
  • This code-sharing feature reduces the number of bugs during developers’ coding time and development process.
  • This development framework uses Microsoft’s cloud testing service to enable simple application testing across multiple devices.

Final thoughts

This is the mobile application framework used by the best Android app development company and that will be in high demand in 2022 to meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps. However, it is entirely up to you to choose the best fit keeping in mind your project needs.

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