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Pangarchulla Peak Trek 2022 – Himalayan Trekking

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Uttrakhand is home to mountains and religious places. The winter season enhances the beauty as the snow covers the mountain, and the view totes the visitors; it helps them to climb the peaks like Pangarchulla. Pangarchulla stands tall in the Nanda Devi national park and considers to be one of the most challenging treks – Please note you need to prepare well to reach the peak, especially during the winter.  


Pangarchulla Trek resides in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Pangarchulla trek is popular and recommended for experienced trekkers and physically fit beginners. During the trek, you will be able to experience the local culture as you pass through some of the areas of the Garhwal Himalayas; you will be able to see the life of people who lives in the remote areas of Uttarakhand.

Additionally, the Pangarchullar trek will give you mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi national park; Well,  who would like to miss the UNESCO world heritage site?! Bag the memories of the unique ecosystem onto the peak of Pangarchulla. 

Another specialty of the Pangarchulla trek is the gift of different types of landscapes. You will also experience the dense forest and rocky terrain along snowy slopes. Read on to know about the commute to the base of the Pangarchulla trek, what to carry for your safety, and how to prepare yourself.

How to Reach the Base of Pangarchulla

Mostly every city of Uttarakhand is popular among visitors, and Auli, the base of the Pangarchulla trek, is one of them. Auli is well-connected to cities, and you can reach there by Air, road, or train. 

By Air

The jolly grant airport of Dehradun is the nearest to Auli. The airport is 286 km away, and you can take a bus or a cab to Auli; the duration would be around 8-10 hours.

By Road 

Delhi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Dehradun are the most convenient cities to travel to by road for Auli. You can hire a cab or take a bus to reach there from these cities. The duration from Delhi would be around 10-12 hours.

By Train 

The Haridwar train station is the nearest railway station to reach Auli; it is around 273 km away from Auli. You can take a cab or bus to Auli from the train station.

After your trip to Auli, the trek to Pangarchulla Peak starts from Auli Ski Resort, situated at 3500 meters above sea level. During the trek,  you will cover 34 Km, which should be completed within 6-7 days. 

Please note- the months between April -June and September – November is the best time to do the Pangarchulla trek. It would be better to avoid monsoon season ( July- August) for this trek, as the area is prone to landslides. The period between December- March is also unsuitable for trekking due to extreme cold and heavy snowfall. 

So, plan for your trek to avoid risk and take back only the scenic view and stories of the locals. Following are the essentials to carry for your Pangachulla trek to make your planning a bit easy:

Some Essentials for your Pangarchulla Trek

  • Torch: It will help you to navigate the route during the night, and it’s handy at the campsite
  • Trekking Gear: Comfortable trekking shoes, poles, and backpack, along with a rain cover
  • First Aid: Pack medicines, bandages, cotton, and other things to add to your basic first aid kit
  • Identification Card: Always carry a valid identity card and emergency contact details
  • Personal Hygiene: Carry wet wipes, towels, and hand sanitizers
  • Cash: Keep cash, not too much, but it should be enough for food and water  

Please note- Travel light, so carry only essentials as you need to climb for 6-7 days. 

How to Prepare for Pangarchulla Trek 

To achieve the view of Pangarchulla, physical and mental preparation is necessary. Preparing your body to face any hurdles on the way to the peak is important. The following training pattern can help you to enjoy the trek peacefully.

You can try jogging, swimming, or cycling to increase stamina. On the other hand, squats, lunges, and push-ups can help you gain strength. Breathing exercises and meditation can also help you to stay calm and think properly during any situation. So, consistency in your training routine can support you in finishing the Pangarchulla trek.


The Pangarchulla trek can be challenging, but the view will take away the stress once you reach there. Our suggestions will help you to enjoy the trek pleasantly. So, contact BanBanjara for any queries related to the Pangarchulla trek; we are always happy to help you. 

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