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App for Foldable; A Smart Guide For A Mobile App Development Company

by janeausten

There was a time when a keypad the flip phone were around us, and everyone thought that this was the best thing anyone could ever invent – guess how time has changed?

From flipping keypads to smartphones, we have come a long way! With the introduction of the Model Z flippable model by Samsung, foldable phones have surely made a stronger comeback in the market.

With being a tech-savvy invention, the foldable has revolutionalized the entire arena of how a mobile app development company used to develop apps.

For a special technology, the app being developed needs to be special too –  and this is why we are here to help!

In the guide below, you’ll find the list of intricacies and vital factors that you should know for developing a foldable app.

Foldable Phone Mobile App Development Technicalities

Prior to developing anything, the very first stage includes brainstorming. This helps you get the idea and a proper vision of what exactly you are developing.

Just like that, below are some considerations that a custom mobile app development company needs to make to develop a profound application

1.   Screen Form Factor

While building a screen for an average smartphone, you normally have to focus on one single screen. However, for building one for the foldable model, you need to keep intact with the foldable screen too. 

Though the regular display would always be the unfolded version, however, the folded one is the primary display one simply can’t miss.

What developers really need to do here is that while making an app, they need to ensure that as soon as the user folds his device, the app should shrink and auto-adjust according to the new display screen – that too without losing any of its quality.

In case the app features video streaming, make sure that the foldable version allows the user to minimize and maximize the screen, as per their own personal preference.

2.   Multi Window Feature

Every basic android usually offers the user to split their phone’s window into two. This makes it easier for the user to use the app simultaneously. However, having a foldable device allows you to operate multiple windows – that too on the same screen! Cool, right?

Hence every mobile app development company USA needs to make sure that the app they are developing goes hand-in-hand with Multi Window Feature.

The more profoundly your app would adjust with the foldable, the more and more audience you would be able to grab!

3.   App Screen Continuity

Though the transition happens to be an important aspect of the mobile app development process. However, while talking about a foldable device, the transition of the app can’t be ignored.

A smooth transition allows the app to effortlessly adjust itself according to the screen size it’s being switched to. What tends to be the biggest mistake developers make these days is that they spend quiet time on app marketing solutions, but less time on app testing.

This result in the app being crashed or not working properly over the folded screen! Hence, a developer needs to make sure that the developed app should save the UI state by supporting the changes made to the screen size – that too without swapping anything in the layout!

4.   Screen Ratio

Just like developing a normal smartphone app requires the developer to create an app while keeping the android version in mind, the same strategy needs to be followed while developing an app for a foldable device.

Keep in mind that the mobile devices that come in handy with Android version 10 or over are versatile enough to support a wide range of screen ratios. The popular screen ratios that a developer must explore for a foldable app are not limited to, but should include 1:1, 4:3, 5:3, 3:2,16:10,21:1,16:9, 21:9, and beyond that.

The reason behind mentioning the list of screen ratios is to give developers an idea of what screen they are expecting to work on with foldable. This would also help a business analyst to develop the User interference for each screen accordingly! 

The more app testing would be done on a different screen, the more sure a developer can be regarding the compatibility of the app and its functionality.

Having said that, the more seamless the user experience would be, the more profound it would be for a mobile app development company in Los Angles to have a handful amount of profit.


Without a doubt, foldable devices are the next big thing that would take over the market by storm. And this is one of the reasons why it already has managed to create quite a fandom of its own.

With witnessing the change in the trend of smartphones, the app solutions need to upgrade themselves, just so they remain trending in the market – developing a foldable app is one of them! No doubt, creating a foldable app is a daunting task to pull through, however, with the right knowledge, the task becomes a lot easier. And this is exactly what we have tried to do here. The above guide would surely come in handy for filling you up with everything that you need to know about developing an app for a foldable device!

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