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Best Options Trading Platforms To Start Trading in 2023

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SpeedBot Options Trading App

Investors or professionals planning to enter this field can try out different solutions and approaches to trade. One of the most popular security types for investors to try out with high-profit potential in day trading is options. With this version, it is possible to make a lot of trades frequently with high returns amount potential.

Despite the equally high risks investors face in this context, focusing on options trading is a suitable choice for most, even at beginner levels. For the best experience here, it is important to use a user-friendly trading platform to easily identify market trends and opportunities and place orders fast with low costs. 

In this guide, you will learn about the best options for option trading platforms currently available. But first, let’s understand options trading as an approach.

Why Are Options Trading a Preferred Choice for Investors?

Typically, investors find the aspect of investing in stocks more appealing as it is simple to handle for most traders. But now, options are coming up in value as profitable trading instruments.

Previously, the professionals in the trading environment did not focus on other financial instruments than stocks, assuming they were more complex to handle. Plus, when people tried out the lesser-known options for trading, they did not have a good experience with the process.

However, this is highly due to the fact that options were not widely used. Thus, investors followed a trial-and-error approach while trading with options. In reality, options trading assures higher returns and benefits if you properly use them. Practicing this version multiple times to get hands-on experience is vital in learning how it works.

Some notable advantages motivate investors to become options creators and trade with them. The benefits of options include: 

  • Options do not have as much risk as equities normally do. 
  • Users can expect more cost efficiency when trading with options. 
  • More strategic alternatives are available for options traders. 
  • Investors can deliver a high percentage of returns when trading with options.

What is Options Trading Software?

The software for options trading tracks and provides precise data to investors about the fluctuations and movements in the options trading market. Based on the gathered insights, traders using the platform can make suitable trading decisions, like what amount of options to sell or buy in the global market.

Users get real-time market analytics results, quotes, custom trading functions, and charting elements through the different options trading app solutions. Plus, one can view the risk amount and choose the amount to trade accordingly and the right time to do so.

On apps, users can lock their strike price depending on what they predict the asset value to increase to and make purchases with that amount later. With these apps, traders can opt for accurate decisions for investing in options based on insights from real-time analysis.

Many of these platforms come with automatic profit/loss calculation, volatility tracking, probability measurements, charting and reporting risk management, and other additional features.

Best Trading Platforms for Options Trading to Try Out in 2023

Different types of platforms are available for top-grade options trading experience for professionals in this field. The following are the main ones available in the market for different traders to try out for options trading.

1: SpeedBot

Users can also go for automated trading platforms like Speedbot instead for the Options trading experience at the premiere level. There are different types of preset options strategies and trading options available in the platform for users to receive maximum returns on their investments.

There are options trading bots available with automation support that constantly check the market trends’ fluctuations. Investors interested in experiencing customized and advanced trading experiences can benefit from the SpeedBot app. 

The algorithm inside the software keeps track of real-time market changes in different instruments like options, stocks, futures, etc. Later, it computes, analyses, and provides detailed reports on the collected data. 

The algo trading app is equally suitable for professional day traders and amateur-level traders, given the simple interface and intuitive functions available. Plus, traders can choose to trade in different types of exchanges, and it has built-in integrations for easier connection with other brokerage platforms.

Best Features: 

  • Get detailed statistical reports on the Bot performance in the live market regularly. 
  • Get a heatmap chart on annual and monthly returns estimation. 
  • Cumulative returns are measured based on gathered market insights and turned into a graphical report for easier viewing. 
  • Accessible through web and mobile-based apps.

2: E*Trade

One of the most reliable types of platforms for Options Analysis and Trading is E*Trade. Investors focusing mainly on foreign stocks can benefit from this option. This is a brokerage based out of the United States since 1982, working under the authority of the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission.

Given the safety guarantee this platform offers to users, it is relatively suitable for professional-level day traders and those beginning with these processes. People can learn the different techniques related to proper options trading practices while trying out this platform and get more experience with the process.

The UI of this app is relatively intuitive and simple to use for active and casual traders. Plus, users get access to tools like LiveAction for options scanning, among others.

Best Features:

  • Quick investments are possible with the prebuilt portfolio.
  • Advanced types of mobile trading tools and platforms are available for different trading practices.
  • Better position management due to access to benefits like real-time risk analysis and custom grouping.
  • Supportive content is available, like archived recordings for tutorials, and practical customer support is also present for users.

3: TastyWorks

One of the best trading platforms that users can try out for options trading is TastyEorks. Here, users have to invest USD 1 to open each options contract with no minimum deposit amount. Users can access different account types to open here, like trust and traditional brokerage accounts.

For mobile users, this platform is a good choice given the simple usability it promises and the low-cost limitations here. Traders here can open positions with standard options at USD 1 for each contract and pay nothing to close the position. Plus, transaction fees here are around USD 10 for every transaction, which is relatively low compared to other platforms in the market.

Thus, this platform is suitable for advanced-level option trading for different types of traders.

Best Features:

  • User-friendly mobile-based UI for simple usability. 
  • Strong tools are available to identify the available trading opportunities. 
  • Different types of derivatives are supported here. 
  • It is possible to make fast order adjustments to make position opening and closing processes simpler to handle.

4: JP Morgan Self-Directed Investing (Chase)

Another top-grade platform when it comes to high-quality options trading experience is JP Morgan. Here, users do not have to pay any fees for trading, and the account minimum is set at 0. In fact, users get Self-Directed Investing benefits through this platform for options trading.

Despite having no need to pay any cost per trade, traders have to invest USD 0.65 into each contract they work with. But the amount is relatively low here, which is suitable for different types of trading experts.

The withdrawal cost is also limited, even when you are closing down the full account or just making a small transfer of the available security. The total fee for account transfer is around USD 75.

There is no forex trading and fractional shares support available for traders here.

Best Features:

  • No minimum fee amount per trade. 
  • Commission fees of 0 dollars. 
  • Get a promotion of around USD 700 after opening and adding funds to your account in JP Morgan Self-Directed Investing program. 
  • All of the Chase accounts can sync with this platform.

5: Webull

Another top-grade trading platform that you can depend on for options trading is Webull. Here, the minimum deposit limit is zero, and it comes with no commission fees. 

However, the platform does allow the application of small fees from FINRA, SEC, and OCC. The commission is not charged for options trading processes, mainly when they operate on U.S. exchanges.

Users here can opt for this platform for their trading experiences due to the low-cost benefits they can expect while using the software. During the sales process, traders have to pay off around 4.061 cents for the total contracts covered in the sale. 

Plus, users can run extended trading practices here and even trade using other financial instruments like securities and cryptocurrency.

Best Features:

  • Create a retirement-based or traditional brokerage account. 
  • The margin costs through this platform are manageable for most users. 
  • Crypto trading is supported on this platform as well. 
  • Get extended duration for different trades at low fees.


Indeed, the options trading platforms mentioned in this post are useful for different types of users with investment interests. Even those with limited knowledge of this market can perform well with the help of the tools.

With the different types, you can easily track and analyze the market and the investment schemes better with detailed, accurate insights. Thus, go through the features that the platform promises and try them out to understand 0which solution works best for your requirements.

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