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The top Seven Jewelry Repair Must-Haves

by janeausten
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Wearing jewelry is a perfect way through which people express themselves; beauty, elegance, and style. And to retain their worth and value, these gemstones often require polishes, and repairs, for which the owners have to take them to jewelry repair shops.

If you are planning to start your own jewelry repair business, this article is for you!

We will discuss the top seven must-have things for a nice, decent jewelry repair service center and how a jewelry repair shop POS software can help you. So, stay with us:


Having the right tools in your repair store can save you time. Otherwise, it will become nothing but a hassle. Below are some of the essential equipment and tools that can take the frustration out and make repairing fun.

  • Laser Machine: This is one of the essential tools without which your shop cannot repair or resize any jewelry. It allows you to melt down the metal part and alter the size or dimensions precisely to fit exactly into your customer’s finger.
  • Bead Tubes: Bead tubes help you keep track of beads. Using this tool, you can organize beads according to style, patterns, and color, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • Pliers: One can pick up beads and fit them into even the most difficult spots using pliers. It can also make minor curves and loops or give a slight twist to a metal part.
  • Magnifying Loupe: One must use a magnifying loupe to see small details or parts. It allows you to get a closer look while repairing a piece of jewelry. You can also use a magnifying glass as well.

Prompt Customer Communication 

For any business, adequate and prompt customer service is the key to success. Whether you own a clothing outlet, car showroom, or jewelry repair store, you will need good customer service to boost your business. And these days, modern tools and software have made it easier for owners to better interact with their clients.

Using a decent jewelry repair store software, you can easily manage several customers. Also, it makes it simple for you to get back to their queries and concerns within no time, ultimately making them trust you even more.

Inventory Management

Most retail, wholesale, and repair businesses need help managing their inventory. But unfortunately, this is the thing that requires your complete focus if you want to make your jewelry shop a successful business, not in years, but in months.

Your repair store has several small items and accessories which need to be organized. But, according to Netsuite, manual inventory tracking procedures are prone to errors and consume more time. So, you need to use technology to streamline inventory management.

Using a robust jewelry repair shop POS software can help save you from all this hassle. It will notify you whenever an item or accessory is low in your stock so you can order it from your desired vendor again.

Experienced Technicians

Your staff members and technicians are an asset to your business. And you must put in effort and attention when you hire a new employee. We suggest you always go for someone with prior experience in repairing jewelry rather than hiring a newbie or a fresher.


Business reputation is everything. It defines your customer potential or the profit you make every month. So, building your brand value is crucial. But, once you succeed, you don’t have to convey to customers how good you are, how much effort you put into a single repair, or why they should visit you.

Train your employees and staff members to focus on the customers. Please provide them with the best possible service to help you build a good reputation in the market. Also, you need to think outside the box and offer something other than your competitors to stand out.

Trending Accessories

You need to equip your store with trendy accessories and gemstones. If you are not doing that, you will probably have fewer customers than your competitors. Get help from the internet, visit the market and look for what’s happening around you, as it will help you get more clients and do more business.

Time Management

Teach your employees time management so customers can collect their precious jewels immediately. Using software for jewelry repair store, you can send the tickets and information to the technicians, letting them know the time you have given to your clients. So, you don’t have to get embarrassed for being late on delivering the order.

Final Words

If you have the skill and passion for necklaces, diamond watches, and rings, jewelry repair can be your piece of the cake. By having the items mentioned above, you can set up a decent shop where you can earn a lot by repairing your customer’s jewelry. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post. If we have missed anything, you can comment below.

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