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Give Your Kitchen A Makeover with A Kitchen Remodelling Loan

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A kitchen is more vulnerable to stains, dirt and grease due to the fume, smoke and steam from the oven and oil-based foods. Over time, it loses its initial attractiveness and usability as the colour fades away, tiles get broken, furniture becomes unusable, etc. This is why individuals go for kitchen renovation to fix all these issues. 

Nevertheless, access to adequate funds is imperative to materialize this objective. With a kitchen renovation loan from Bajaj Finserv, they can easily borrow adequate finance to bear all the renovation expenses.

Best ways to leverage a kitchen remodelling loan

This credit facility is essentially a type of personal loan that individuals can borrow for the purpose of kitchen remodelling. By obtaining credit through a kitchen remodelling loan, they can raise sufficient funds, meet all their immediate expenses and repay the debt later with easy installments. 

Following are some ways they can utilize the borrowed amount:

  • Redesign kitchen

With sufficient funds, individuals can go for new interior design for their kitchen. They can paint the walls with bright colours, change broken tiles, fix cracked walls, etc. This way, they can add a new tone to their old monotonous kitchen. 

  • Enhance storage space

Storage space is essential in a kitchen to properly organize utensils, spices, ovens, appliances, etc. With the help of this credit, they can spend adequately on new kitchen cabinets, furniture, racks, shelves etc.

  • Modernise kitchen

Being a type of personal loan, the credit comes with no end-usage restriction. Individuals can purchase smart kitchen appliances and modernize their cookhouses.

This way, individuals can rediscover their old dull kitchen house in new vigour with the loan for renovation. Alongside, they also need to know the best tips for taking out a personal loan. It will help them reduce the chances of getting a rejection on their credit requests from the lender’s end.

Bajaj Finserv is one of the major lending institutions in India that offers various secured and unsecured credit facilities at attractive loan terms. Individuals must know what special advantages they can secure by obtaining the credit facility from this lending institution.

Benefits of getting a kitchen renovation loan from Bajaj Finserv

They can enjoy the following advantages by obtaining a personal loan for kitchen renovation from Bajaj Finserv: 

  • Affordable interest rate and charges

Individuals can significantly minimise borrowing expenses as the lender charges a competitive interest rate. In fact, all the associated charges, including processing fees, stamp duty, pre-payment charges, etc., are also minimal. In this regard, they also need to know how to obtain a better interest rate on their personal loan.

  • Lower penalty changes

Unlike most other lenders, Bajaj Finserv’s overdue charges, penal interest, bounce charges, etc., are much lower. This way, the lender reduces its borrowers’ financial distress when they miss an instalment for any reason. 

  • Pre-approved offers

Bajaj Finserv lets its customers enjoy pre-approved offers on their financial products, such as a personal loan, business loan and credit card. By accepting these special loan offers, they can significantly quicken their loan application process. It only takes them to provide their credentials, including names and contact details to check their pre-approved offers.  

  • Instant loan with a low CIBIL score

Being eligible for a personal loan without a CIBIL score is difficult since it is an unsecured credit facility where individuals do not collateralise any properties. Generally, lending institutions across India ensure that their eligible borrowers have a minimum CIBIL score of 650. 

However, from Bajaj Finserv, you can get the required funds even with a credit score below the threshold of 650. In this regard, they need to know how they can obtain a personal loan with a bad CIBIL score. 

  • Extensive customer support

Individuals can also get in touch with the lender through several modes to resolve their queries or grievances regarding their loan. They can dial the Bajaj Finance helpline number or send an email to convey all their inconveniences. The lender also lets its customers manage their debts and loan accounts independently through its customer care portal – Experia.

This is how Bajaj Finserv makes personal loans easily accessible and cost-effective for its customers. Nevertheless, to get the credit for their kitchen renovation, intending borrowers need to be aware of the stepwise guideline to apply for the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan.

In conclusion, with the credit facility from Bajaj Finserv, individuals can easily raise the required capital to manage their expenses for kitchen remodelling. The lender extends its Kitchen renovation loan at a comparatively lower interest rate and additional charges. It significantly helps borrowers to repay their debts.

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