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Some Common Types of Stairlifts

by janeausten
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For anyone who is suffering from mobility issues, walking up the stairs in their house can be quite a task. However, the inability to do that takes away from their independence and further makes moving around inconvenient. In such situations, buying a stairlift is one of the best solutions.

That said, there are many different kinds of models available in this category, each serving a different purpose. While it is best that you consult your family physician before making a purchase, and they can help you choose the best model according to your condition, this blog can be a great help as well.

Further mentioned in this article is a list of the different types of stairlifts you should know about.

Straight Stairlifts:

One of the more popular types, this option includes a straight stairlift chair and a straight track that goes through the stair tread. Since this type of stairlift does not have to be fitted to the wall, it is much easier to install.

In addition to that, straight stairlifts do not disrupt any wall decorations you might have in the house while also being the most reasonable option available. These kinds of stairlifts are best for people who suffer from aching or painful joint or have a disability that affects their mobility, like osteoarthritis or sclerosis.

Curved Stairlifts:

The second most commonly bought type is a curved stairlift. This provides people with mobility issues an easy solution to go up a curved or spiral set of stairs or ones that has to turn corners.

Curved stairlifts function exactly like straight stairlifts except for the fact that the track is curved. The users also enjoy a smooth ride and have the option to make 90° and 180° turns.

People with curved staircases often think of installing a straight staircase and walking the last few steps. However, that is not good for long-term applications.

Putting pressure on your body can further worsen your health and negate the benefits of using a stairlift altogether. Curved stairlifts are the best solution providing you with assistance from the first to the last step.

Perch, Standing, Or Slim Stairlifts:

The last and most recent kind, the only difference between the three kinds is its design. Standing stairlifts provide the user with the ability to go up the stair in a standing position. This is mainly made for people who might have discomfort being seated. This can be for people with bad knees or painful joints.

On the other hand, a perch stairlift is made for someone who finds seating as uncomfortable as standing up. These are quite compact in design and sit right below your pelvis to provide support.

A slim stairlift is best for someone who wants to be seated but has a comparatively narrower staircase. Although it works the same as a seated stairlift, the design is a lot slimmer and fits in cramped places.

Keeping in mind the different types and their advantages and disadvantages can help you choose the best stairlifts for your requirement. If you are in the market looking for any one of these types, you can check Stannah stairlift for the best quality products.

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