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What is Political Science?

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The world is filled with political aspects. Because it affects everything from what we may do & say to where we live & even what we eat, it was deemed the “master science” by Aristotle. Nobody can avoid politics altogether, but with the help of academic research, we can learn how to employ it more productively.

American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy, & even the law are all included in the scope of Political Science. It investigates the mechanisms by which individuals exert influence in groups as the norms, procedures, and structures are established to facilitate communication and consensus. As a result of its breadth, Political Science has significant areas of overlap with other fields, such as Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Communication, & Criminal Justice.

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Why Choose Political Science Major?

The Department of Political Science has engaging classes taught by renowned professors from around the country and the world that put current events in perspective for students. Several faculty members have been recognized with prestigious teaching honours at the university and state levels. Courses cover the four primary areas of the field. (American politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory and Public Law). It is possible for students majoring in political science to earn elective credits in the department’s other disciplines. It includes Geography, Global Affairs, & Politics and Law.

What can you do with A degree in Political Science?

Students major in Political Science for a variety of reasons. Including a desire to work in local, state, or federal government, with a non-profit, or the legal field. Still, graduates of political science programs can choose from a wide range of professional paths.

    Government Employment

Nearly one in six American workers are employed by some level of government at the national, state, or municipal level. City council members, communications directors, legislative aides, city planners, federal and state agency workers, and many other roles fall into this category. Employment in the government typically offers competitive compensation and enviable perks (health care, retirement plans, etc.).

    Political Entrepreneurs & Community Advocacy

Indeed, many graduates of several universities with political science departments find employment in sectors that are not directly related to the government. Working for organizations that promote rights for immigrants, the environment, or personal autonomy are all good examples. Around the country, several organizations work to promote positive social and political change. Some enterprising political science majors branch out yearly to start brand-new political clubs. Political entrepreneurs can find a particularly fruitful environment in today’s social media and rapidly evolving technology landscape.

    International Organizations & NGOs

Studying politics is a great way to prepare for a career in the State Department, the Foreign Service, or any other organization concerned with international affairs. It also helps students prepare for careers working for some of the world’s millions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which focus on global public health, economic growth, political reform, and personal safety.

    Policy Analysts

Policy analysts evaluate the efficacy of current laws, rules, and policies and recommend new ones. Any number of government or non-government groups could employ them. Some companies use policy analysts to examine current laws and regulations and propose new ones.

    Lobbyists & Government Liaisons

Lobbyists advocate before government officials on behalf of an organization, be it a business, an environmentalist organization, a trade union, a religious body, or a charity. The role of lobbyists is often informing lawmakers of the potential negative consequences of proposed legislation or regulation. Most lobbyists today got their start as aides or interns for politicians. Businesses employ government liaison professionals to handle interactions with regulatory bodies and manage public relations.

Career options in legal sectors

Students majoring in political science frequently pursue employment in the legal sector. Some lawyers work for the government as prosecutors, judges, military attorneys, or in regulatory bodies like the FBI or the Internal Revenue Service. Most of them decide to work alone. Some are employed by multinational corporations, while others work for nongovernmental organizations.

Working in Business

One’s educational background in business is not required for all business careers. Many business-oriented careers can benefit from a background in political science. When one studies political science, one gains knowledge of the governmental structures and rules that regulate business conduct. In addition to improving students’ writing, speaking, and statistical abilities, the course also helps them gain a deeper grasp of organizational dynamics and interpersonal dynamics. Finance, advertising, and private contractors with ties to the government are just some of the commercial professions that may be open to you with a Political Science degree.


Most political scientists, like most people, are motivated to help others and often seek positions in education as a means to that aim. An education in political science can serve as a springboard to instructing in many fields. To teach at the university level, you’ll need a master’s or doctoral degree. Students majoring in Political Science also can become teachers in non-public institutions like private and charter schools.

Graduation School

Many political science graduates have been accepted to Ph.D. programs in political science, public policy, history, & related subjects. Some have gone on to get doctorates, which can take an extra four years of full-time study to accomplish. Others have spent the standard two years earning a Master’s degree in a way linked to politics or public administration. Earning a graduate degree in Political Science allows students to focus their studies in a particular area, which often leads to better job prospects.

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