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How to Apply for Student Visa for MBBS in China?

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MBBS in China

For prospective international medical students, MBBS in China English Federal University in China is the best choice to study MBBS, but not all, some universities are better for Pakistani students for various reasons. In fact, in China, the Ministry of Education (MOE) allows foreign students to learn English. These universities are also known as “listed universities” and only these universities can offer MBA courses. We, NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. With 25 years of experience, we offer our services to rank the best educational and medical colleges in China.

How to Apply for MBBS in China

If you are very interested in pursuing MBBS in China, English, or Bilingual, please scan. Send your documents via WhatsApp or email. Pay the admission fee and we will select the best university for you and arrange your admission. After the exam, the students waiting for the results can apply for admission.

MBBS in China is registered with the Federal English University Ministry of Education.

The annual fee listed in English-medium colleges is around Rs. 1 to 1.1 million, which includes all expenses for education, accommodation, and food. The MBBS in China consists of five years of study and one year of study, and it takes a total of six years to complete the MBBS and complete the degree. The tuition fee for all MBBS programs is Rs. 65-70 million rubles Unfortunately, many people in Pakistan are not aware of the English-medium universities in the “Ministry of Education List” that are eligible to offer MBBS degree programs.

A non-English speaking environment is called a bilingual college. Their annual expenses range from 7.5 million baht to 8.5 million rupees, including all expenses such as tuition, accommodation, and food.

Students can apply to English medium college

Students should score at least 70% in Pre-FSC Medicine and at least 60% in core subjects. If a person does not have the same marks, he cannot get admission to these universities listed by the Ministry of Education.

Bilingual Universities for MBBS in China

Bilingual (bilingual) universities combine Chinese and English and these universities have more Pakistani students due to lower tuition fees. While most of them do not offer an MBBS in China degree, some do. Their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine), and these universities require students to qualify within one year of HSK4. HSK4 is a one-year Chinese language course. so it is important to qualify otherwise you will not be able to study in your second year to continue your medical education.

Disadvantages of a bilingual university

The tragedy is that many poor students do not qualify and, if not, are withdrawn from the university and placed in hotels (often hiding their families) to await new admission. At the bilingual university, medicine is taught in English, but has trouble switching back to Chinese. As before, most universities taught bilingual courses and taught medicine in English in the second year. But then switched to Mandarin and required all students to learn Mandarin or enroll in another university. (Transportation MBBS is not available in China).

After everyone risked their decision, Taishan Medical College, Jining Medical College, and some other universities suddenly returned to China. Note that if a student is studying medicine in a Chinese language class, it is difficult to enroll in PMC in Pakistan as foreign students have to learn English

Many well-known Chinese bilingual universities offer medical courses in English

Although it is difficult to manage a bilingual university, in my experience it is better to look at good potential students. Who can maintain a score below 70% or need a doctorate? It is pointless. We offer our services and advice. Otherwise, going to a cheap university means wasting your future, money, and time. So contact us or build a better future by contacting an experienced medical education consulting company based on your experience. Make a cool decision because you will regret buying cheap in the market. It’s a waste of time and money, and you won’t get your future back.


If you are an MBBS in China and want to practice in the Commonwealth or abroad, only English medium colleges are eligible. If you are serious about your future and want to choose an experienced and reliable consulting company for MBBS admission in China. English, or bilingual, then you’re in the right place. Every year, various MBBS researchers for MBBS aspirants and future studies in China come to us to fulfill their latest needs. We at NICE Consultants are always happy to provide you with the best possible service based on our latest experience and knowledge

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