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KiwiSign’s Menu Board Controller: The Future Of Dining Experiences

by janeausten
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With the rise of digital menu boards, restaurants have been looking for ways to improve their customer experience and reach new markets by making the ordering process easier and more streamlined. KiwiSign’s menu board controller makes this possible, with plug-and-play solutions that are compatible with many different types of display monitors and quick to install in most commercial kitchens. Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at how today’s digital menu boards compare to traditional menu boards…

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Restaurant Displays:

Digital menu boards have been popular in Europe for years. When they started to gain popularity in North America, most were too expensive and hard to set up. Now with KiwiSign’s digital menu board software, restaurants can easily create a high-quality digital display that fits their needs. Even better? It’s easy enough for any restaurant employee to use (even if they aren’t tech-savvy). And did we mention it doesn’t require an IT specialist or coding skills? Restaurants upgrade their displays for all sorts of reasons.

Contemporary Design:

Without a doubt, menu board software isn’t exactly mainstream—yet. But here at KiwiSign, we see it as a way to modernize your restaurant or cafe’s dining experience for today’s customers. Our menu board controller is designed to allow businesses with any type of existing point-of-sale system to seamlessly integrate our menu and photo display capabilities. Plus, there are so many added benefits like complete control over images, easy management for multiple locations, and cost savings by eliminating printed menus and waiters or other staff running food orders back to kitchens…just to name a few!

Affordable Prices:

Instead of being difficult to use and expensive, we’ve made it simple and affordable for restaurants. Get a digital menu board controller for under $400 including installation – a fraction of the cost of most menu boards. You can try KiwiSign out before you buy with our $25/month rent-to-own program. No need to put down thousands of dollars upfront, which means that KiwiSign fits in even small restaurant budgets.

Easy Setup:

If you’ve ever used a touchscreen device, you’re probably familiar with intuitive menus. All it takes to navigate is a touch and slide motion—and voilà! With that in mind, why do we still need static menus? Touchscreen devices are gaining popularity in restaurants across America, so why not use them to showcase daily specials and provide guests with easy access to their full menu? Plus, according to a study published by Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab, interactive digital menus make customers happier—not just because they can browse photos and read descriptions for each item; but also because customers feel like their needs are being met.

Interactive Menus:

A common misconception about digital menu boards is that they need to be fancy and expensive. In reality, you don’t need anything fancy to get started with a digital menu board; it all depends on how complex your menu is and how much information you want to display. There are three main options for creating an interactive experience for your customers.

Branded Displays:

Are your customers always on their phones? Offer them a social way to communicate with each other and share photos. Digital displays are getting more attention as consumers’ lifestyles change, making them an essential part of your dining experience. Digital menu boards provide new technology you can use to stay competitive in a quickly changing industry. KiwiSign’s menu board controller offers better functionality and style than competitor solutions—all at affordable prices that won’t break your restaurant budget. Our digital menu boards have everything you need to get up and running, including display hardware and cloud-based software.

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