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10 tips to keep in mind on your first trip to Kochi

by janeausten
10 tips to keep in mind on your first trip to Kochi

Kochi as the locals is known to call it is a series of islands, peninsulas, that is caught between the rivers and islands of the Arabian sea and the island gateways. It is suggested that you put on the walking boots and jump on to a ferry to catch a glimpse of the favourite city in Kerala. Let us explore some of the famous tourist attractions in this part of the world

Fort Cochin can be explored

The fort is packed with old European buildings and packed charm, the place that is similar with travellers. It is one of the better ways to get into the medieval comforts of India. You can stroll through the lanes that are flower powdered where there is always a game of cricket in progress. You could be forgiven than you were in Sussex expect for the topical heat. The elegant wood work of the 19th century is another major point to consider.

Matta cherry mean streets can be discovered

Water fronts are one of the common points of attraction when you are in the city of Kochi. Though it is known as a Jew town but the term does not point to any derogatory form in any way. The Chinese along with Portuguese have left their mark in years of trading would be an antique thing to visit.

Cruise along the ferry power

With all the water in place, Kochi is known to have an excellent ferry system, that is operational between the districts. You can hop on an auto rickshaw where there is going to be both male and female compartment. They tend to be cheap and reliable, though this is a strike that tends to happen once in a while. It can turn out to be a form of adventure so long you are herded with this innovative trend. Le Meridien Kochi is one of the top hotels in this place and they offer ferry rides for their international tourists.

The dance theatres of Kathakali

It all dates from the time frame of the 17th century in the state of Kerala, this is a dance that combines the best of culture and music or dance in an ancient form. It is obvious that you will be blow away by the level of precision that is employed in everything from the choreography driven moves to a careful application related to make- up. There is a Kathakali centre at Fort Kochi that is famous for it make up modules as it is happens to be one of the sought-out places to visit when you are at Kochi. If you are planning to see a Kathakali show anywhere nothing is hard to match with the aura of the place.

Do not miss out on the historic Portuguese churches

The place is famous to the largest concentration of Christian churches in the entire country. The fact tends to arise due to the simple fact that it tends to be power of the old Christian people. St Francis Church is one of the popular places to visit as it happens to be one of the oldest European churches in India and it dates back to 1503. Though it has to be stated that age is one thing that has caught up with the church big time. There is a myth surrounding the church that Vasco De Gama was buried here. Though his body was buried here but it was moved over to Lisbon after 14 years.

There are various types of churches in Kochi but among the local Catholics Jeevamathra church happens to be a popular one. It is situated in the Jew town city of the island

The artistic wonder of Jew town

Next in our list of to visit places is Jew Town. Do not be surprised that this is one of the official neighbourhoods of the Jewish community. If you are considering something apart from the norm in India then the town turns out to be a notable choice. Not only the town is quirky but it is driven by an artistic touch. You can stroll down the Jew town and can have a glimpse at the various galleries along with flunky cafes in the neighbourhood. There are numerous places that you can visit when you are at Kochi.

Sitting in a café and munching in on some Ginger and chewing on cinnamon sticks. The question is at how many places that you do such an act in India. In my knowledge there is nothing expect for this version of Jew Town. Apart from this the place is home to some of the stoned type goats that you may come across. It is fair to say that you would have clutched through munchies when you visit this place.

The fish market of Fort Kochi

It is not only about the fish tents; the fishes of Kochi have a unique craze among the locals. Without getting in touch with the locals you can go on to visit the fish market. If you are looking for something meaty there is no better option than a visit to the fish market. The fish are not too expensive and you can end up purchasing in bulk quantities. They are more than enough to feed a couple of people.

The best part about the fish market is that it is known to work in a unique way. You could take your frippery friend to a nearby stall where they would end up grilling the fish for a nominal fee and coupled with it they are going to add a couple of slides and fries. All these activities make sure that the fish market is one of the popular places to visit in this part of the world.

To conclude if there is a paradise on earth Kochi is bound to top the list for sure. Just you need to plan properly before you plan to venture to this part of the world.

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