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Education for Poor Children

by janeausten

Most poor children are not fortunate enough to receive proper education. Many don’t go to school and even if they go, it is very hard to find children who finish their entire schooling without any problems.

Lack of funds and absence of parents’ interest force several poor children to abandon their dream of going to school in the midway. Anti-social elements try to exploit poor non-school-going children and mislead them. Hence, lack of education amongst poor kids is not just their problem or the family’s problem, but is also a social issue. 

For any nation, its future is directly linked to the future of its children. If poor children are not given proper attention, the problem might escalate into a bigger issue.

Causes of obstacles to poor children’s education

The following are some of the major reasons that cause obstacles to the education of poor children.

  1. Lack of awareness: the parents of poor children do not know the merits of education. They lack awareness about the changes education can bring to the lives of their children and them.
  2. Absence of proper facilities: most of the poor people live in small villages and suburbs. The absence of schools in those areas discourages parents from sending their ward to schools. The government-run schools in those areas lack proper amenities and the private schools are located far away and also charge more. 
  3. Uninterested students: with poor socio-economic conditions affecting their childhood, poor children may be averse to education. Lack of people to motivate and encourage makes them lose interest in studies.
  4. Child Labour: even if the children are willing to study, the parents might not send them to schools as they are more interested in sending them for work. Though child labour is illegal and is punishable under law, the menace has not been eradicated completely.

How education can change the life of poor children

Education is a magical key that can open the doors of a bright future for poor children. It can rescue them from the cycle of poverty and help them lead a better life. Lack of Education for Poor Children is not their individual problem alone. It is a societal problem and everyone in society has to chip in to do their part.

The government, charity organisations, corporates, NGO’s, religious and cultural organisations and people, all have responsibility to clear the obstacles that exist between the poor children and their education. 

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