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How Effective is Ayurvedic Treatment for Neurological Disorder

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ayurvedic treatment for neurological disorders

The nervous system is a complex system that coordinates our entire bodily functioning. Many people around the world suffer from some form of neurological disorder that affects their nervous system. According to Ayurveda, neurological disorders Vatavyaadhi, meaning an imbalance in the Vata Dosha causes these conditions to arise. Some conditions may also include imbalance in the Pitta and Kapha Dosha. The conditions may arise due to incorrect lifestyle or genetic reasons. The Ayurvedic treatments for neurological disorders consist of methods that revitalise the body and eliminate the root cause of the condition.

Let us discuss how effective is Ayurvedic treatment for neurological disorders

Neurological Disorders According to Ayurveda-

Ayurveda considers neurological conditions to be caused by Majja Dhatu or nerve tissues. Neurological conditions are considered Vatavyadhi in the Ayurvedic system and it describes eighty in its texts. These eighty Vatavyadhi can be placed under four categories-

  • Kevala vata: When only Vata is the cause of the neurological condition.
  • Samsarga: When Pitta and Kapha along with Vata are responsible.
  • Avarana: Conditions caused due to entrapment by other Dosha, Dhatu, or Mala.
  • Dhatu Kshaya Janya: Neurodegenerative conditions.

Some Most Common Neurological Disorders-

Neurological disorders are conditions or diseases that affect the brain, spine, or the nerves that connect the brain and spine. Some most commonly seen cases of neurological disorders are-

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraine
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Sinus
  • Anxiety
  • Hysteria
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Stroke

Ayurvedic Treatment for Neurological Diseases-

Ayurvedic treatment is completely natural and plant-based, making it a beneficial method to cure diseases without the fear of side effects. Several herbs can treat panic attacks and anxiety that can significantly affect the central nervous system. These natural methods alleviate the symptoms caused by the condition and cure the disease in a holistic approach. They also regulate the neural biokinesis, preventing recurrence, relapse, and adversity of the condition. 

The Ayurveda treatment comprises herbal medicines, oil massages, yoga, diet regulation, and Panchakarma treatments. Some remedies used under Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment for neurological diseases are-

#1- Anxiety: Chamomile tea, roots of kava, passion flower, ginseng, and Cannabis sativa are prescribed for anxiety.

#2- Insomnia: Valerian is used as a sedative to cure insomnia and panic attacks.

#3- Improving memory: Ginkgo biloba and Hypericum perforatum are used in treating learning dysfunction and improving memory with their neuroprotective properties.

#4- Migraine: Powder of seeds of Achyranthes aspera or Prickly chaff powder is used to provide relief from stiffness and migraine by inhaling or sniffing it.

#5- Epilepsy and facial paralysis: Bark powder of Acorus calamus or Sweet flag root enhances memory by curing forgetfulness. They can also be helpful in anxiety and epilepsy when consumed with honey. Moreover, they are recommended for facial paralysis when taken in equal weights with ginger powder.

#6- Relaxation: Yoga and meditation help in improving mental health through relaxation and incorporating discipline.

#7- Fatigue: Concentrated leaves of pomegranate in boiling water in warm milk cures fatigue and insomnia.

#8- Psychosis and hysteria: Powder of seeds of Siris tree cures insanity, psychosis, anxiety, and hysteria.

#9- Brain disorders: Juice of Dodder plant or Amarbel in water for brain disorders.

#10- Parkinson’s disease: Velvet bean is helpful in curing symptoms.

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