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10 Easy Steps to Colour Your Hair

by janeausten

In the contemporary world, a large number of young males and females complain about losing their natural hair colour. Due to the loss of natural hair colour, they start looking older than normal. Looking old at a younger age is not good for them. Hair colouring is the only solution to get the natural hair colour back. 

And when it comes to colour your hair, you look for the best salon in Bangalore or your locality. Getting your hair dyed at a salon is not the only solution. You can colour your hair at home. As a first-timer, you can face some issues in colouring your hair. However, with time, you will be able to do it well. Here are some useful and easy steps for your support:

1. Avoid trusting the model on the box of hair colour 

The woman or man with a smiling face on the box of hair dye looks attractive. However, his/her hair colour is a fantasy. According to Jill Cortez, a hair expert at Curlz, the colour ends up lighter in comparison with the model’s hair on the dye box. You should keep in mind a model’s hair colour on the box is not original or genuine. So, you need to be careful in selecting a dye box to colour your hair.  

2. Explore the ingredients 

At the time of purchase a hair dye, you must explore its ingredients. Before making the final purchase, take a hair dye box in your hand and look at what is printed as ingredients on it. Leave buying a hair dye if it has chemical compounds. You should get one with natural ingredients like henna. 

3. Know whether you should go for a lighter or darker hair dye 

Usually, you have to decide whether you want to dye your hair permanently or temporarily. For permanent dye, you should select and buy a smidge darker colour. Similarly, you can go for a lighter hair dye if you want to colour your hair lightly or temporarily. 

4. Think about your hair texture 

Knowing your hair texture is crucial whether you are having your hair coloured or cut. Ben Johnson, a hair expert, says that coarse, frizzy, or curly hair sucks up colour sooner and becomes cooler-toned after dying it. On the other hand, fine to medium hair texture does not suck up colour easily. Further, it looks slightly warmer after dying it. 

So, you should pick your hair colour carefully. For curly or frizzy hair, you can choose a warm hair dye such as copper, golden, and bronze. You should select cooler shades like beige and champagne for your straight and fine hair. 

5. Consider your dying tools 

Like dye colour, you need to be careful while choosing dying tools. You should get an at-home tool that can facilitate you applying hair colour from the root. The quality of tools like a brush and mixer must be optimum. 

6. Colour your hair part wise 

Patchiness is a common issue of hair colouring. You can avoid it. And for it, you need to create a middle part that splits your hair into four different sections – two in the back portions and two in the front of the ears. You can use clips to divide your hair into four parts. Be organised and move to another part or section after colouring the one well.  

7. Add shampoo to your hair colour 

You must not place your hair colour on your ends if you are colouring your entire head or your ends are very dry. It will be better to add 2 squirts of shampoo into hair colour just before 3 minutes of rinsing your hair. Shake the bottle or jar and apply the mixture to your ends. With it, you will get shiny hair. 

8. Keep your hair down 

The colour of hair dye takes time to get away. At the time of rinsing it, you should leave your hair down. You can use a hair colouring gown or allied stuff to let no colour go here and there on your body parts.   

9. Add water 

Pour a little water on your skull/head and mush your hair around by using your hands before you rinse out hair colour/dye. It will help you have no streaks or lines after rinsing. 

10. Condition your hair when you are done 

For a better and shiny hair look, you must not leave the conditioner step. Conditioning helps the colour work and keeps the cuticle on your scalp open.  

Take away 

Colouring or dying hair for the first time is a little tricky. You can apply the above-mentioned steps if you want to dye your hair at home. Gradually, you will find it more convenient and easier.  

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