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Importance of Basic First Aid Knowledge

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First aid is the first and basic help provided to a person who is going through some kind of health emergency or injury. The basic aim of first aid is to provide immediate help and care to the victim going through some emergency situation. In most cases, first aid helps to control and manage the situation before the arrival of professional medical personnel. That is why the importance of first aid knowledge is very important in different fields of life.

The importance of first aid is recognized by people all around the world. The help people get in case of an emergency becomes a blessing for many and we cannot deny this fact. First aid knowledge is essential if you want to help others, yourself, and your loved ones as well.

Getting first aid knowledge is now a necessity for many businesses. Many companies now require their employees to get basic first-aid knowledge before hiring them. In this way, companies show to their clients and customers that they care for the employees and develop a good reputation among the customers.

No doubt, first aid makes a huge difference in the life of a person who is facing a critical emergency situation due to some serious injury or health condition. First aid often proves to save the lives of many people by helping them and giving immediate medical care. In this way, first aid knowledge also helps to prevent the situation from worsening.

3 Ps of First Aid

The three basic phenomenon’s that define the main objective of first aid are described below.

1.     Preserve Life

The person providing first aid to someone focuses first to preserve life. The person with first aid training not only focuses to save the life of the victim but himself and other people present in the scenario as well. 

There are sometimes scenarios like the sight of an earthquake that poses danger for the people trying to provide help or rescue people. Therefore, it is the first duty of the first aid provider to decide to preserve life by assessing any danger on site.

2.     Prevent Deterioration

The second most important thing in first aid training is that you should try hard to keep the victim in a stable state until the arrival of professional medical assistance, to achieve this goal, the first aid provider takes necessary actions in order to provide comfort for the victim so that he would not panic because this could make his situation worse.

3.     Promote Recovery

The next most important objective of first aid knowledge is to promote recovery. This means providing necessary care to the victim so that his situation becomes steady and will not worsen. This can be achieved by taking actions to relieve the pain because this will help to comfort the patient and will help long-term in the recovery process.

The above-mentioned 3 Ps are the most important steps of first aid training and knowledge. They play a key role in providing emergency treatment to the victim.

4 Reasons Why Basic First Aid Knowledge is Important

It is an accepted fact all around the world that basic first aid knowledge is an essential element if you want to become a useful part of society. It can help you to become able to help others and provide them with necessary care and treatment in difficult hours. Some basic reasons to define the importance of first aid knowledge are described below.

1.     Prevents the Situation from Worsening

The first reason why first aid knowledge is important is that it helps to prevent the situation from worsening. If first aid is provided properly, it will help the patient to recover properly in the future. In this way, this helps the prevention of any bad circumstances. It also helps to increase the chances of patient survival.

For example, in the case of a situation where the patient is suffering from excessive bleeding, he is at risk of going into shock. The proper first aid treatment will help to stop the bleeding till the arrival of an ambulance and helps to prevent the condition of the patient from worsening.

2.     Helps to Relive Pain

Another reason defining the importance of first aid is it helps to mitigate pain. When a person is suffering from some injury then the victim goes into a state of shock or becomes panicky due to pain. Becoming panicky does not help and makes the situation even worse. However, if the first aid provider provides proper treatment to stabilize and alleviate pain, then the patient becomes calm therefore preventing any further worsening of the situation.

3.     Helps to Save Lives

First aid is important because it helps to save lives. In fact, the most important part of getting first aid knowledge is that it proves vital to save lives.

Some health emergencies or injuries are severe and could prove fatal as well. In these situations, proper first aid helps to control the situation and results in saving the victim’s life. Life-threatening emergency situations are cardiac attacks, choking, asthma attack, etc. In these situations, proper first aid becomes crucial in helping to save a life.

4.     Helps to Increase Confidence

Another reason why first aid knowledge is important is that it helps to build confidence in the person having the knowledge. Once you have the knowledge, you become confident that you are able and have the skills to help others. In this way, you consider yourself a valuable asset to society. The confidence increases as you handle day-to-day medical situations.

Concluding Words

First aid training is imperative if you want to help others and even yourself as well. First aid knowledge helps you to learn the methods necessary to handle basic emergency situations. Basic first aid knowledge helps in every field of life like schools, offices, etc.

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