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3 Reasons Why Essayhub is Not Legit?

by janeausten
3 Reasons Why Essayhub is Not Legit?

Students look for professional experts when they feel that they won’t be able to complete their assignments on time. And, in cases, they find the questions to be quite challenging.

I am Nathaneal Henderson, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree (final year) in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne. Recently I had an assignment on Python in my 3rd year, where the questions were a bit challenging for me. I had no prior knowledge of the Python libraries, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, so I was unable to solve the questions.

After exploring the Internet, I found that Essayhub offers budget-friendly assignment help to the students. Since I had the assignment submission round the corner; I decided to place an order. But, it was a huge mistake on my part.

They provided:

  1. Erroneous Codes

After I received the assignment, I found that there were run-time errors. After I showed it to my roommate, he pointed out that the codes were erroneous. Apart from logic-based errors, there were syntactical mistakes too. This goes on to show that they did not even proofread it. At that time, I felt that I had wasted my money.

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  • Charged me Extra

Next, I discovered that they accepted revision requests. I still had three days in my hand. So, I immediately asked them to make the necessary amendments. To make matters worse, they charged me extra. Unfortunately, I had to comply as I was helpless.

And they missed the

  • Deadline

Ultimately, they returned the revised copy two days after my submission date. Although the answers were correct this time, I missed my deadline. And I ended up squandering valuable marks. Thus, Essayhub are not reliable at all.

  • Plagiarized Content

I was lucky enough to find out that the content was plagiarized before I submitted the task at my university. After I received the assignment, I checked it on Grammarly, and it showed me that almost 37% of the write-up was ripped off from published journals. The experts at Essayhub.com did not even cite the sources.

Later, I found out that the

First, they did not hand me the authentic answers. And when I asked them to modify the answers, they missed the deadline, even though they charged me extra. I believe that they run a scheme to lure students in with their attractive offers. Hence, I would ask everyone to steer clear of Essayhub, as it is not good at all.

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