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Divided Together 2084: A Review of the Bestseller by Bruce Leiter

by janeausten

Bruce Leiter, known to the Internet as “Leiter the Writer,” used to teach English on an academic level. He acquired a Master’s in English and then ventured onto an entirely different career path revolving around sales management. After spending years in the corporate world, Leiter answered God’s call to become a pastor.

He suffered a personal tragedy that brought him to reflect upon his true purpose in life and seek wisdom in God’s words. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree and was a pastor for twenty-seven years in seven different churches. 

Following his retirement, Bruce Leiter delved into biblical literature as a published author, having now published over a dozen successful titles. One of his recent books, Divided Together 2084, continues to surge in popularity and is the perfect blend of drama, humor, and wisdom you can find in a piece of literature.

Unlike most literature, Leiter’s writing style and narration do not propagate religious subject matter. He is a storyteller, and his craft is based on intricately binding a religious context as well as Christian wisdom within a captivating plot. Although he has written nonfiction books, some of Leiter’s best displays have been in his fiction material.

Divided Together 2084 opens with two protagonists, a Muslim and a Christian, teaching criminology as professors. They take on crime by fighting serial killers and terrorists who swamp in a fictional Muslim region set in the year A.D. 2084. 

The two criminologists are guided, motivated, and pushed by their distinctive religious beliefs; but their purpose converges to one point: seeking justice, honoring justice, and saving lives. This page-turner book would delight anyone with a taste in mystery thrillers. 

The two characters created by Leiter have altogether different persona and attributes, which benefit and get the best out of them. The book allows readers to step into a detective’s mind and relate to it on a personal level, especially when one’s motivations are rooted in a spiritual point-of-view. 

Both Muslim and Christian audiences have remarkably received the book and hold high reviews. Divided Together 2084 offers a replenishing reading experience fueled by a compelling story and spiritual knowledge.

There’s a mystery every step of the way, there are shockers, and no matter which character you start rooting for, they will always stay true to their purposes.

What the author Leiter managed to incorporate is a suspenseful touch uplifted by each main character’s role. He has allowed the readers to step into the detectives’ shoes and be involved in deciphering clues and getting to the bottom of each mystery.

When it comes to the two main protagonists and supporting characters, their development parallel to the story’s progression is an aspect to be enjoyed most. They become friends and share a relationship that is professional and bound by values of respect and camaraderie.The dynamic of friendship between Akilah and Farhan during their fight against terrorists in their country as well as a different clean romance were very much loved by the audience.

Farhan and Akilah have different religions, and both of them are devotees of their faith, which is a strong aspect noticed in their characters’ conversations as they complete each other’s beliefs with their knowledge. The book offers an open and inclusive way of understanding different religions and the similarities between them.

The audience finds joy in the subliminal, humorous cues and writing that trickles between the plot and balances out its thickness. It’s also set decades from now, into the year A.D. 2084, where it is a very different world and where technology has taken over the horizon.

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