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How Does a Toilet Work and How to Properly Maintain It

by janeausten
How Does a Toilet Work and How to Properly Maintain It

A toilet is your throne; it is a very essential part of every household. It is not just a thing to sit on and do our business. A toilet can be your friend too, you can sit there for hours, and will give you relief from anything. Can be a thinking chair for others. 

You can use it as an escape from chaos at work and a break from chores at home. It is very important to take care of the toilet by doing proper maintenance. This is the only marvelous mechanical piece in the house that works with wonder without the need for electricity, just gravity, siphon, and water.

A toilet has two main mechanisms: the tank and the bowl.

The tank stores an average of 3 – 5 gallons of water depending on the manufacturer and the size of your tank. This is just an estimated size of a regular toilet tank we see in most households. It charges a massive amount of water just to flush your toilet bowl.

The bowl, we already knew what the bowl is for and how it works. It is so basic. Press the handle and voila! Make sure the bowl is clean and goes down through the line.

How does a toilet work?

Toilets with flush tanks or “flush toilets” were first started in the year 1596 by Sir John Harington. Thanks to his invention we are able to take pleasure in the trouble-free life of cleaning up our mess. The principle has to remain to serve its purpose, regardless if there are a lot of new designs, adjustments, and other improvements.

A toilet can handle a massive amount of water from the tank to the bowl in just a short period of time. This is the process created to suck the water and waste inside the bowl down the drain line when you flushed it. It flushes because of the force of gravity and the siphoning effect.

Why do you need to understand your toilet?

In order to fix toilet leaks, you need a plumber. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to troubleshoot one, but it is better for a plumber to do it to save you time, mess, and money. The more you do it yourself; you might end up spending. So just call a plumber and let them do it for you, problem solved!

The parts might be complicated too sometimes – it is easy to identify the main parts: the tank, the bowl (or throne), and the handle or lever to flush, then the exterior plumbing parts.

The tank – this is the part that has the most valuable parts. This is like the brain of the whole toilet. If your toilet leaks, takes too long to fill up the tank and the water pressure loses or no water at all, there will be a problem with its tank. It doesn’t look complicated if you are familiar with the anatomy of the tank. But for fast fixing and repair, it is best that your plumber will take care of the problem.

There are a lot of types of the most modern invented toilet nowadays, some are:

1. Flush toilet (the common one)

2. Wall-mounted toilets

3. Floor-mounted toilets

4. Upflush toilets

5. Gravity flush toilets

6. Pressure assist toilets

7. Comfort-height toilets

8. Standard-height toilets (and a lot more)

How to properly maintain.

a. Flush the toilet every time after usage, it will clean in and flush down most of the infectious organisms with it too.

b. Toilet seats should always be cleaned as well.

c. Close the lid when you flush.

d. Keep the toilet floor dry and sink slab dry to prevent mold and mildew build-up.

e. You can use toilet bowl deodorizer so it will always smell good.

f. Keep the flash tank clean. too. Remember to check the tank for mold and mildew. You can put bleach, vinegar, and or baking soda once in a while.

g. Dispose of sanitary waste properly and do not flush it in the bowl.

h. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

We are very familiar with the saying that – “your health is your wealth”. Keeping your toilet and yourself clean is the best there is to avoid getting sick. It is welcoming all the time if the toilet is always clean and has a fresh smell, not some stinky, gross acidic aroma that irritates your nose. And I am pretty sure it will embarrass you if you have guests around. So the humblest act is keeping your toilet well-maintained and clean.

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