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Cost Of Student Accommodation In Ottawa

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A Closer Look At The Cost Of Student Accommodation In Ottawa Along With Best Areas Over There

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, as well as the second-largest city in the country and the largest in the province of Ontario. Parliament Hill is located in the French and English-speaking city, which is rich in history and charisma. Ottawa is known for its magnificent Victorian architecture as well as displays of its history and culture. It is also well-known for its higher education system, which includes some of Canada’s best universities.

Ottawa’s location, directly on the south bank of the Ottawa River, in the east of southern Ontario, adds to its character. The city is close to both the charming city of Montreal and the US border. There are a large number of rooms in the city; check out the accommodation options for a variety of room types or inquire about private lets. The student accommodation providers offer a diverse range of student housing in Ottawa from which you can choose the best based on your needs and budget.

Student Housing in Ottawa

Students in Ottawa have a variety of student housing options. Finding the right one may appear difficult and time-consuming, but it is not impossible. As an international student, you may feel overwhelmed by these numerous options. However, Ottawa provides you with options that are close to your university and simple to select. These options of student accommodation Ottawa provide additional comfort while remaining reasonably priced.

Student housing in Ottawa is located near prestigious universities. These are some of the best accommodations available, with fully furnished homes loaded with amenities and facilities.

These housing options include everything from luxurious fully furnished homes to budget-friendly and affordable housing. All of the student houses in Ottawa are designed with the needs of university students in mind. These lodgings are further classified as residences, private halls, and private accommodation.

The price of student housing in Ottawa

Private accommodation in Ottawa includes deluxe yet affordable en-suites, studio apartments, and shared housing that includes all utility bills. In Ottawa, student housing costs between £100 and £835 per week. There are also other housing options available for students looking for short-term tenancies in Ottawa.

Best places in Ottawa for students

Ottawa has many welcoming neighbourhoods which are perfect for student living. These neighbourhoods have several student housing options including both affordable and luxurious accommodation. The best areas in the city where you can find your perfect housing are:

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle neighbourhood is densely packed with pubs, restaurants, and cafes popular with the city’s young people. It also has a number of parks and natural areas that run alongside the Rideau Canal. It is located between the city centre and the University of Ottawa campus, making it ideal for students.

The Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a peaceful neighbourhood south of downtown Ottawa. There are several green areas to enjoy, some on the banks of the Rideau River, and even a beach. This area is ideal for students travelling to Carleton University because the campus is only a few minutes away by foot or bicycle.

Little Italy

This neighbourhood is located west of the city centre and is only a few minutes walk away. This vibrant neighbourhood has a diverse range of restaurants, parks, and art.

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