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Consider Avoiding These 5 Common UI/UX Design Mistakes to Improve Your User Experience!

by janeausten
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Unbelievably, many of our favorite, everyday SaaS products still have a number of UI/UX errors in today’s customer-centric SaaS environment.

In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the worst examples of UI/UX design, if you can call it that. We’ll be examining everything, from terrible sign-up processes and onboarding experiences to substandard in-app actions. Following these you can apply to ui design company

We’ll finish off by discussing how to spot some of the most common ui ux errors one must know about. 

What Causes a Poor UI UX Experience?

Customer flow confusion, poor usability or accessibility, disregard for design principles, or lack of explicitness. A terrible ui ux is the result of several mistakes.

All SaaS solutions aim towards a streamlined user interface and user experience, but not all succeed in achieving it. Why? Poor UX/UI design solutions, irrelevant text, the incorrect appearance and feel, or anything in between, might all be at blame.

Let’s look at some of the factors that contribute most to poor ui UX design.

Common UI/UX Design Mistakes to Improve Your User Experience!


If a website’s navigation doesn’t lead you anywhere on the site, how useful is it.

Your visitors will become frustrated and confused if your website’s navigation is confusing and difficult to utilize.

A person visits your website in search of a certain piece of information. Their journey should be made simple and straightforward through your website’s navigation.

Your users will get upset and quit if your site’s navigation bar contains several, crowded drop-down sections and subpages, or if there isn’t a search bar or a method to get back home.


Think about the following scenario: A potential customer is browsing your website and decides you provide a product or service they would want. But when they search your site for geographic information, they can’t find it since they only want to do business with locals.

Now consumers have to navigate away from your website and utilise a search engine to obtain the data they need.

The most important pieces of crucial information include contact forms, email addresses, geographical details, and social media links.

Making your users look for information elsewhere is detrimental to both their experience and your company’s bottom line.

Suitable Accessibility

A website must be accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or handicap.

When developing a website, there are many different sorts of cognitive and physical impairments that must be taken into account. There are also many different methods you may improve the accessibility of your website for people with these problems.

Everyone who visits your site will have a better user experience if the requirements of users with disabilities and impairments are taken into account.

Lack of adherence to the necessary psychological principles

A product shouldn’t only fulfil its intended purpose. The users should benefit from the functions.

To guarantee that you’re creating features that rely on pertinent design and user psychology concepts, involve UX/UI designers, engineers, UX writers, and UX researchers in the development process.

Gestalt grouping theories: 

Gestalt grouping theories:  When used in UX design, they support the creation of user-centric products, improve user experience, and raise user involvement.

Hick’s Law: This rule defines how long it takes for a person to choose b etween options. Making a decision takes longer the more options there are. In other words, you should be careful to follow this rule and avoid giving users too many options.

Understanding that each user has their own mental models— internal assumptions about how your product functions—will assist you provide additional information or explanations at the precise moment and location in which a user needs them in order to execute their activities correctly.

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