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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Daihatsu Hijet

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The Daihatsu Hijet is one of the favorite vehicles among consumers and businesses. Popularly classified as a microvan, it also comes as a Kei truck. The Daihatsu Hijet is available in many variants and is well-received for its fuel efficiency, strong body, and easy maneuverability.

Daihatsu has a long history of producing strong and practical vehicles. The Hijet made its first appearance in 1960 and has since only improved. It is widely used in South Asian countries to transport goods and vehicles, among other uses.  

If you are looking for a used Daihatsu Hijet for sale, you must ensure it is well-maintained. A vehicle that has gone through regular wear and tear often come with many unresolved issues. However, if you have the mind and eye to spot the most basic things that reflect the vehicle’s health, you can save yourself from losing significant money in repairs. Following are some things to consider when buying a used Daihatsu Hijet.

Check The Bodywork/Chassis

When you are buying a used Daihatsu Hijet, it is important to have a thorough look at the body/chassis. Like other cars, the body is susceptible to damage and rot due to exposure to water and moisture.

When checking the chassis, make sure you check the front and rear arches. Don’t forget to check the corners. You should also check the front suspension mounts under the engine covers. You should also look behind the back bumper and look for signs of roof leaks.

When checking the body thoroughly, make sure you make a mental note of required repairs (if any), which ones will cost significantly, which are fixable with bolts, etc.

Inquire About the Coolant System

Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a used Hijet is to check the coolant system. This is a mistake that most people end up making by forgetting to check the coolant and then having to repair it.

Make sure you check the system in heat to ensure it is working fine. Don’t forget to check the knobs as well. The coolant itself should be a transparent pink or red color. If you find that the coolant is just water or brown in color, it is a sign of a problem.

In the header tank, you should check the water level, which should be between the required level. You should also check the radiator behind the grill. It shouldn’t have signs of damage.

Check the Gearbox

If you can take the vehicle for a test drive, it’s best to do so. You should check if all the gears are in perfect working condition. While you are at it, check the brakes as well. The gear shouldn’t feel stuck or too difficult to move. When you change gears, it should feel smooth. Also, look out for any unusual sounds when you start and stop the engine or change gears.

Look For Signs of Leakage

One of the most important things to look for when buying a second-hand vehicle like Daihatsu Hijet is any signs of leaks. They are easy to spot if you have an idea about what you’re looking for. Various fluids run in and around the engine, and a vehicle that has been well-maintained should show no signs of leaks.

The first place to look for leaks is underneath the vehicle. The turmac should not have oil, and there should be no sludge under the car. Otherwise, it is a sign that the car is prone to leaks. Other fluids to check include the gearbox, power steering fluid, and engine oil.

Check The Tires And Wheels

Tires can tell a lot about the vehicle’s wear and tire. Even if the vehicle is second-hand, its tires should be decent; otherwise, you can negotiate the price down. Look for any signs of damage to the wheels. Wheels can have grazes from kerbstones. These aren’t a big problem and are quite common. However, if you spot large dents in the rims or if the wheels are bent, then you will have to replace or repair them.

Inspect The Interior

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a used Daihatsu Hijet is to check the interior and rear space. Checking the interior will ensure that the vehicle’s mileage is genuine. For instance, if the vehicle’s mileage is 20,000 miles, it should have a relatively new-looking interior.

An interior that has tired and worn seat bases, steering wheel, and side bolsters is a sign that the seller could be hiding something about the mileage. Other things to check include the dash, which should be free from signs of damage, a sagging roof line, and any tears in the upholstery.

Check The Exhaust Smoke Colors

Another thing to consider checking before purchasing the vehicle is the exhaust smoke colors. You can do this by switching on the engine and walking to the back of the car. A little puff of smoke that comes out when you start the engine isn’t a cause of concern, but check the exhaust for a few minutes to see if the smoke persists.

If the smoke is blue in color, it is a sign of burning oil which can incur significant repair bills because it means the oil is going into the cylinders.


Buying a vehicle, even if it is used, is a big decision. It still costs a significant amount of money, and you must be spending a lot of effort in finding the right vehicle for yourself. So, it is essential to consider these aspects before finalizing the purchase.

If possible, you should inspect the vehicle yourself before finalizing the deal. If you are purchasing it online, you should ask all sorts of questions for your satisfaction and make sure the dealer is willing to share pictures of the vehicle from various angles.

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