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BBQ Rubs: What They Are And How To Use Them

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Everyone enjoys trying new flavors in their food, and using BBQ rubs is a terrific method to develop flavors that are adaptable. A rub may be generously applied to meat or vegetables to enhance the flavor as it is made using a variety of dry ingredients and spices.

Dry rubs are great as a last-minute method to add flavor when you don’t have time to marinate the meat or vegetables before grilling. This article discusses what is a BBQ rub and how to use them to get the best flavor.

What is a BBQ Rub?

Even while BBQ rubs are specifically for meat meals, you may as easily utilize them for other purposes. Along with other ingredients and herbs, they are a combination of spices, sugar, and salt that give them their distinct flavor.

BBQ rubs aid in breaking down the meat, resulting in succulent, melt-in-your-mouth steaks or patties. A BBQ rub is a versatile, all-year-round product that you can easily store in your pantry or freezer. You can use it to flavor chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables.

Types of BBQ Rubs

There are typically two types of BBQ rubs. Dry and wet rubs. As discussed earlier, dry rubs consist of dry herbs and spices to add flavor to the meat. It can be applied directly before cooking and doesn’t take much time to prepare.

Using a dry rub is quick and easy. When you apply to the choice of your meat, the juices mix with the flavors of the rub to create a unique flavorsome blend. On the other hand, a wet rub is simply a dry rub mixed with some oil to create a paste-like texture.

A wet rub is typically used for extended cooking of meat at a lower temperature. You can think of a wet rub as a replacement to marinade as it can be applied for a longer duration to the meat to enhance its flavor and texture.

Best Time to Use a BBQ Dry Rub

You can use a BBQ rub at any time to prepare the meat. The ideal method is to apply it to meat and let it sit for the night. The majority of high-quality rubs work within an hour as well. You won’t need to make much effort using the rub to enjoy the BBQ taste it adds to cuisine.

How to Use a BBQ Dry Rub?

You must know how to get the best flavor using a BBQ rub. Typically, you should apply 1 tablespoon of rub to every pound of meat. For instance, if you are preparing 2 pounds of meat for grilling, you should use 2 tablespoons of rub.

However, ultimately it depends on you and what kind of flavor you are looking for. You can use more of the rub for added spice, while you can apply less for a milder or less spicy flavor.

Tips To Apply The Rub

To get the best flavor, the following are some tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure the meat you are using to apply the rub is completely dry
  • You can remove the moisture from the meat by patting it with a paper towel
  • Apply the rub by sprinkling it onto the meat in small quantities
  • To enhance the flavor, make sure you rub it in the meat using your fingertips. Gently rubbing it all over the meat is likely to absorb better and give more flavor

Generally, the different rubs are used in different ways and methods to bring out the best taste. If you are going to grill your food or put it in the oven or dutch oven, you can use the dry rub. On the other hand, if you are slow-cooking the meat or putting it in the pressure cooker, you can use a wet rub.

Understanding Dry Rub Flavors

A combination of dry spices and herbs forms the rub’s base, allowing it to add flavor to the meat. Varying amounts of dry spices give it various flavors that appeal to different taste buds. The simplest dry rubs are made using brown sugar, salt, and pepper. These are the baseline ingredients that give any rub a solid dose of seasoning.

However, you can vary the spices or purchase rubs of different blends to achieve different flavors. You can take any direction with the dry rub if you are preparing it at home by adding a good amount of salt and sugar.

For instance, you can enhance the flavor of the rub by adding cayenne, which gives the flavor a kick. On the other hand, paprika or mustard powder adds a touch of hotness and sweetness to the flavor. To add some earthiness to the mix, you can include some quantity of coriander, cumin, or black pepper. Other herbs you can add for that extra flavor include dried oregano, fennel seeds, or tangy sumac.

There are endless choices when it comes to creating your dry rub blend, and it only requires an understanding of the basic flavors to get it just right. All you need to remember is to balance all the components so that all the flavors are well-blended. You don’t want the blend to taste too sweet or too hot. It won’t sit well with anyone.

Why You Should Use A BBQ Dry Rub

Now that you know what is a BBQ dry rub, the best time to use it, and how to apply it, let’s talk about its advantage. The one big reason to use a dry rub in your meat prep is that it does not add additional moisture to the meat. A dry rub allows you to have that beautifully caramelized crust on the steak you want.


A BBQ rub is an easy, quick, and hassle-free way to get an exciting flavor in your dishes that will leave everyone wanting more. You can avoid spending a lot of time in the kitchen to get the perfect taste and instead spend it with your family and friends.

If you don’t have the time to prepare a dry rub at home, you can easily purchase one online from a trusted BBQ rub store.

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