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Anjali Cattle Feed Industry – Best Cattle Feed Manufacturer in India

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One of the top producers of cattle feed in India is Anjali Cattle Feed Industry, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Distt UNA. Established in 2018 Anjali Cattle Feed Industry has been providing top-quality cattle feed products to farmers and businesses all over India. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that our customers receive the best nutrition for their livestock. All of our products are FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified, which guarantees that our customers are receiving the safest and most nutritious feed products available. We also offer custom-blended feed solutions to ensure that your animals receive the perfect diet tailored to their specific needs. With Anjali Cattle Feed Industry, you can be sure that your cattle are getting the nutrition they need to flourish.


1. Concentrates: Concentrates are feeds that are highly concentrated sources of nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are typically used to supplement the diet of animals such as horses, cattle, and poultry.

2. Forages: Forages are feeds that are composed of plant material such as hay, silage, and pasture grasses. They provide roughage and are used as the main source of nutrition for animals such as horses and cattle.

3. Supplements: Supplements are feeds that are added to the diet of animals to provide the extra nutrition, such as minerals and vitamins. They are typically used in combination with other feeds to provide a balanced diet.

4. Grain: Grain is a type of feed that is composed of cereal grains and other plant materials. It is typically used as a supplement to other feeds and is used to provide energy and protein to ruminants such as cows and sheep.

5. Salt and Minerals: Salt and minerals are feeds that are added to the diet of animals to provide essential nutrients such as sodium, potassium, and calcium. They are typically used in combination with other feeds to provide a balanced diet.

Types OF Product

8000 Cattle Feed

Cattle feed is a type of feed that is specifically designed for use with cattle. It usually contains a combination of hay, grain, and other supplements to provide the nutrition that cattle need. Cattle feed is typically produced commercially and is available in many forms such as pellets, cubes, and flakes. It is important to feed a balanced diet to cattle to ensure optimal health and productivity.

Buffalo Cattle Feed

Buffalo cattle feed should include quality hay, a high-energy feed such as grains, minerals, and vitamins. It is important to provide the proper balance of energy and protein-rich feed to ensure that the animal gets the essential nutrients it needs. The feed should also contain digestible fiber, as well as essential fatty acids. Depending on the age of the buffalo and their activity level, additional supplements may need to be added to the diet.

High Energy Cattle Feed

High-energy cattle feed is feed for cattle that contains a high level of energy or calories. This type of feed is needed for cattle that are lactating, pregnant, or growing, as they require more energy to maintain their body functions. High-energy cattle feed can be purchased from feed stores and usually contains grains, such as corn, oats, and barley, as well as protein sources, such as soybean meal, cottonseed meal, and canola meal. Additionally, some high-energy feed may contain supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, to ensure that the cattle are getting the proper nutrition.

High Energy Cattle Feed

Transition Cattle Feed

Transition cattle feed is a type of feed specifically designed to help young cattle transition from a milk-based diet to a forage-based diet. This type of feed is usually composed of high-quality hay blended with a protein concentrate. Some transition feeds also contain supplements such as minerals and vitamins to help ensure a balanced diet. Transition feed is typically fed to calves between 3 and 6 months of age. The goal of transition feed is to provide the calf with a balanced diet that will help it grow and develop properly and prepare it for weaning.


Animal feed, often known as livestock feed, is a potent source of nourishment for animals. It boosts their energy levels, enabling them to be more active throughout cultivation.

Lack of proper nutrition might cause your animals to become skinny or have a bad disposition. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the many kinds of animal feed and how they impact your farm animals.

We have listed the three main feed kinds that every farmer should give their animals in this post. We hope this information will assist you in feeding your animals the proper foods to maintain their well-being.

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