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A Guide to Styling Hoodies for Men

by janeausten
A Guide to Styling Hoodies for Men

A hoodie is definitely one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing in any guy’s closet. Its timeless design goes with any outfit and is used in various situations. Gents can wear them comfortably at home, in the workplace, and in casual hangouts in the afternoon. Needless to say, people who buy mens hoodies truly make a wonderful investment. 

Gents looking for new ways to style their hoodies can never run out of options. As fast-changing fashion may be, hoodies easily adapt to it and seamlessly blend with any trend. This guide shows the most stylish ways a gent can wear their comfortable piece of clothing. 

Choosing the right length

The perfect length of a hoodie should fall above the fly of the trousers. This length gives the best proportion to the body. Anything longer or shorter will create an opposite illusion to truereligionofficial.com the legs, meaning a hoodie too long makes the legs look shorter and vice versa. It is important to check the length of the sleeves too. Sleeves should end at the wrist, around the area where a typical long-sleeve shirt or polo cuffs off. 

Should hoodies be tight or loose?

Cosy and unrestrictive, hoodies are typically worn loose and layered over other thinner pieces of clothing. But sometimes it goes the other way around. Hoodies can be worn under fluffier or baggier jackets as a fashion style or for more insulation in cold seasons. Zip-up hoodies are better for slim-fit styles, while pullovers maintain a better form even when worn loose.

These factors may influence the fit of a hoodie. Nonetheless, they should not be too compressed or too floppy; instead, just tight enough to hold their form. It is best to buy mens hoodies at just the mid-range, corresponding to the wearer’s body. 

Hoodies as a part of a casual layered outfit

As mentioned above, hoodies are usually worn with many other clothing pieces to complete a layered look. A moderately thick cashmere or polycotton hoodie invariably does the trick. For a more casual look, guys can wear the hoodie over a simple t-shirt and top it with a bomber jacket. Don’t forget to choose slim-fit jeans and a pair of trainers to complete a casual statement. 

Wearing a hoodie with equally classic pieces like denim and leather works for most stylish guys as well. A hoodie combined with a denim jacket creates a rugged, off-duty look while pairing it with leather makes a sleek, deviant character that is sure to turn heads in any event.

Sophisticated coat and hoodie ensemble

Coats and hoodies also create a great combination. The relaxed character of a hoodie complements the more formal mood that a coat or overcoat brings. Together, they make a sophisticated https://truereligionofficial.com/true-religion-hoodie/ look that guys can wear to give a more at-ease yet professional impression. A light-coloured hoodie underneath a brown or black coat creates a cool look perfect for any occasion. 

Completing the athleisure look with a hoodie

Hoodies are largely popular in the athletic field, especially since they are originally made as sportswear and workwear in the 1930s. Hoodies made in cotton make comfortable athletic wear because of their breathable character, while cotton-polyester blends and nylon types effectively wick away sweat from the body. Their inhibiting design provides optimum mobility that athletes definitely need. Hoodies in solid colours paired with fitted joggers and sneakers give a straightforward, game-face kind of mood in one’s outfit.

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