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Workload visibility for project planning through Jira Resource Management

by janeausten

Jira’s intuitive resource management solution empowers global project teams to master their most valuable resource: their people! With Wrike, managers can optimize project scheduling, balance workloads, and increase productivity. No more guessing if too many or too few resources are being allocated, thanks to reporting functionality that helps further refine and improve resource management. Let’s dive into four ways Wrike Resource helps teams prevent employee burnout.

It is essential to plan both planned projects and incoming requests with an overview of the entire team workload. Jira Resource’s intuitive design makes it easy to assign the best resources to the right projects, allowing project managers to allocate work hours that best suit the strengths and availability of each team member.

Jira Resource helps project managers at this critical planning stage to gain a complete, real-time view of their teams. With Task Work, managers can define how much time is required to complete a task. For example, a task might last several days, but require only several hours of work per day from each of its assignees. This ensures accurate allocation of resources at each stage of the project. You might get to know more about Jira through https://activitytimeline.com/blog/how-to-do-resource-planning-in-jira-using-apps.

According to the Project Management Institute’s 2018 survey, 21% of projects fail due to limited resources, and inadequate resource forecasting explains 18% of failed projects. Even when we do our best to schedule our work, incoming requests also interfere with the schedule. Almost 60% of creatives say they receive ad hoc requests at least once a week, a percentage that reaches 80% in departments with more than 51 people.

Jira Resource offers complete visibility into the workload of the entire team, even individual team members. It allows you to quickly visualize each team member’s schedule and projects—who is doing what and how long each task will take—in the form of workload charts. Knowing the availability of the team helps to make plans so that conflicts are minimized and resources are better utilized.

While it can be tempting to launch projects as soon as you get the green light, doing so without adequate resources can actually extend a project’s completion date from four months to as much as a year, according to a Gartner Resource Capacity Planning for PPM Leaders. This is three times more than if the resources had been properly managed in the planning phases. Having a tool like Jira Resource to access all the planning information you need allows teams to start projects at the right time, with all the tools they need to do it successfully.

“The overview of time and workload management is a great help for resource management, as it gives the team a clear overview of whether or not a project can be completed within the time parameters provided. This ultimately protects our employees from working beyond their means.” — Thomas Mix, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Digital Planet.

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