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What causes burst pipes and ways to fix them

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Pipes that burst can be a huge problem for any homeowner, as they can result in expensive water damage and the need for extensive repairs. To avoid expensive water damage and make sure your plumbing system works as it should, you need to know what causes pipes to burst and how to fix them. In this article, we’ll talk about the most common things that cause pipes to burst and then explain how to fix the problem.

Extreme temperatures

Temperatures that are too low might cause pipes to freeze and break because of the expansion and contraction of the ice. To avoid this problem, it is important to insulate pipes and take other steps to make sure they are safe from the weather.

Aging pipes:

Pipes that are getting on in years: As time passes, pipes can get corroded and weakened, which can lead to bursts. If you have older pipes in your home, it is possible that you may need to replace them in order to prevent the pipes from bursting.


Blockages in your pipes can exert pressure on the pipes, causing the pipes to burst as a result of the increased pressure. It is important to remember to clean your pipes on a regular basis and to refrain from flushing any unwanted items down the toilet or the sink.

You can repair a pipe that has burst by following these steps:

Switch off the water supply The first thing that has to be done in order to repair a pipe that has burst is to turn off the water supply to the region that is being affected. This will prevent any additional water damage and will make the process of repair much simpler.

Drain the pipes:

After turning off the main water supply, you should drain the pipes to get rid of any water that may have remained in them. The procedure of repair will be simplified as a result, and your instruments will be protected from harm.


Remove the damaged section by cutting it out: Using a hacksaw or a plumbing cutter, cut carefully through the section of the pipe that is damaged. Take care to ensure that there is sufficient pipe on either side of the cut to allow for the attachment of a new section.

Note: You can fix common plumbing issues by hiring a plumber.

Create a new section by installing:

Attach a new segment of pipe to the existing segments of pipe by using the appropriate fittings and couplings where necessary. Make sure that the connections are securely tightened so that there are no leaks.

After the replacement part has been placed, you should check for leaks while the water supply is turned back on and then turn it back off again. If there are no leaks after the repair, it can be considered finished.

In conclusion, burst pipes can result in significant water damage, but they can be repaired if the appropriate equipment and skills are applied. You can prevent water damage and keep your plumbing system running correctly if you are aware of the factors that might lead to burst pipes and if you take the actions outlined here to repair them when they occur.

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