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What Are The Things You Should Know About American International School Bangkok?

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American International School Bangkok

If you are a foreigner moving to Bangkok for work and bringing your family, you might be worried about the quality of American international school Bangkok and the country’s educational system. You might be better off limiting your options to British or American international schools in Bangkok if you are from a western, English-speaking nation.

Your child would need to be able to speak, read, and write in Thai in order for you to even consider Thai public schools as a possibility for their education. Parents may be pleasantly pleased once they arrive in Bangkok, despite the fact that some may worry that their child would be unnecessarily segregated at a British or American international school that is distinct from what Thai children are learning.

Bangkok Is Where The Best American International School Bangkok Is Located

Bangkok, the Thai capital, is home to over 100 foreign schools. There are additional international schools in other cities including Phuket and Chiang Mai. The British Curriculum is offered in more than half of Thailand’s international schools. Additionally well-liked curricula include the American and International Baccalaureate curricula. There are furthermore foreign language schools that provide Swiss, German, and French curriculum. Many foreign schools also offer boarding options.

International Schools Are Open To All Students

English-medium instruction has been in demand in Thailand from rich local families and foreigners living there. Similar to Malaysia, both local and foreign pupils may attend international schools in Thailand. At general, there are no restrictions on the number of local students who can enroll in foreign schools. To maintain a particular proportion of foreign students and a varied student population, some institutions do establish a quota for local student enrollment.

Rubbing Shoulders With The World                

These schools are well-liked by parents who want the best for their children, regardless of where they originally came from, because they provide a curriculum that complies with the requirements of either the British or American certified educational system.

International students from all around the world commonly attend the American international school Bangkok. They get knowledge of other cultures, religions, and values from these overseas students. They discover compassion as well as how similar they are to the other pupils. They get the ability to see past preconceived notions and take into account the perspectives, beliefs, and humor of their fellow people.

Evaluation And Extracurricular Activities

Students are continually evaluated at an American school in Bangkok through group and individual projects, class discussions, writing assignments, peer evaluations, quizzes, reflections, projects, presentations, and other activities. Teachers may then determine each student’s strengths and shortcomings and assist them as needed.

Additionally, American Curriculum-based schools strongly encourage their pupils to participate in extracurricular activities including athletics, music, and the performing arts. These activities are essential for children’ future success because they provide them a chance to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. They also help them develop “soft skills” like time management, collaboration, persistence, and discipline.

American Schools And Other Schools: Differences

In practice, there are not many distinctions between educational institutions that use the American curriculum and those that don’t. Your kids will probably continue to learn how to spell, count, and mix things together in test tubes. There are a few significant changes, though.

That’s not to suggest that children in America don’t take their fair share of exams; in fact, the frequent use of standardized testing in American classrooms has drawn criticism in certain circles.

International schools, on the other hand, are typically spared from most of this constant standardized testing, with the primary expectations being that students finish their prescribed courses. The American educational system’s breadth is another significant distinction. The farther up you go in the British educational system, the more specialized and narrowly concentrated the education is.

By the time they reach A-Levels, most students are only taking four or five topics. They focus considerably more closely on just four or five topics, though. It is thought that at that point in their education, students have decided on a subject of study and will be becoming increasingly specialized in that area.

In contrast, until they graduate from high school, pupils in American schools continue to study all courses. This broadens their knowledge across all areas but falls short of the level of subject-specific information that British students get.

What Makes American International Schools Special?

In either case, non-Americans are quite enthusiastic about American schooling. Some sources claim that up to 75% of pupils in American international schools are foreign-born. Non-Americans may decide to attend an American international school for a variety of reasons.

These consist of:

As was already said, the American curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing pupils who are competent in a wide range of subjects. All subjects are covered up to the conclusion of high school, offering students a well-rounded education.

American schools often have more freedom in how they approach their subject matter. This, of course, has a double-edged blade in that it gives instructors more opportunity to pursue the areas they are passionate about while also making school selection uncertain.

The most obvious and frequent purpose to enroll people at American international school Bangkok is probably to acquaint them with the educational system before they move there permanently or only for further study. A student who enters with SAT or AP scores and thorough grasp of the system will undoubtedly have a significant advantage over a kid without.

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