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Practising MMI Questions And Answers In 2023

by janeausten
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Finding a representative range of MMI questions and answers – and others to practise them with – is vital to succeeding in your interviews for medical school. Here we’ll consider where to find MMI interview sample questions, and how to best leverage the content that you have.

Finding MMI questions and answers

The first challenge is finding a good range of practice questions that you can use. Whilst there are many medical school interview questions available online, you also need to consider whether these questions accurately reflect the schools that you are applying to, and what they look for.

It’s therefore advisable to make use of questions that are specific to each university. You can find a great list here, through Blackstone Tutors – there are questions for each school in the UK, as well as separate pages for universities elsewhere in the world.

It’s advisable to build up a list of questions that fit with the schools that you are looking to apply to, and then consider whether there are further domains that you may not have touch on.

The chances are that there will be a number of areas remaining, and you must therefore ensure that you consult a range of broader sample lists. This list, again available through BlackStone Tutors, provides a good idea of the range of areas on which you might receive questions in a shorter online interview.

However, this is still not enough by itself. You must give due thought to what kind of student a medical school is looking for, and generate questions based on this. The MSC Alliance document entitled ‘Statement on the Core Values and Attributes Need to Study Medicine’ is very useful for this purpose – you can find it here.

On top of these documents and sites, you must formulate a list of hot topics that are likely to appear in the interviews, as well as core ethical cases and pillars. You can find these through sites like Blackstone Tutors again, although it’s worth building out your knowledge with additional information from think tanks like the King’s Fund, or even using the NHS website, for example.

Ensure that all questions you use are representative of questions ask at UK universities, and that they fit with the interview style of the schools that you are applying to.

In particular, avoid spending too much time on questions for US students if you are a UK student (certainly with regards to hot topics and ethical situations, which may be rather different in the US to the UK).

Equally, if you’re applying to an institution that is less focus on research or expects less of its students to go into the more academic side of Medicine, then don’t spend too much worrying about some of the kinds of problem solving questions that could arise during traditional panel interviews at places like Oxford and Cambridge.

How to practise MMI questions and answers

Practising MMI questions and answers is difficult – you need both access to questions and suitable answers, and someone to practise with! In particular, finding strong answers to questions can be troublesome – it might therefore be worth investigating medical interview coaching providers, who will often have question banks that you can make use of.

In terms of finding others to practise with, you should begin with any other potential medical students at your school, who will be facing the same range of interviews as you, and therefore will be able to spend time working alongside you so that you can prepare together.

It’s also advisable to practise with others that you don’t know – try to find teachers that haven’t taught you, for example, or ideally someone with a medical background who might be amenable to providing a mock interview.

Once again, it might be worth considering a tutoring agency, as they will not only be able to provide you with MMI questions and answers (the latter part being vital), but also will be able to provide you with a tutor for a one-on-one mock interview – this is likely the single best way of preparing for an MMI.

It will ensure that you get the chance to demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses, and thus that you receive personalise feedback.

Overall, ensure that you practise representative questions with a range of others, and that you aren’t afraid to ask for real, constructive feedback from them.

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