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Outdoor Landscape Lighting: Dos and Don’ts

by janeausten
outdoor landscape lighting

When done properly, landscape lighting serves more purposes for an outdoor space than just providing illumination. It creates a setting that improves the curb appeal of a building and makes outdoor entertaining feel exceptional.

Beyond the fundamentals, a well-designed system offers several advantages. Of course, safety is improved by bright lighting that increases visibility. However, by carefully manipulating the interaction of light and shadow, outdoor lighting can completely change and boost the aesthetics and appearance of any landscape.

For instance, combining wide, diffused lighting with soft down lighting results in gorgeous layers and a calm atmosphere. By using contrast, LED spotlights that are focused on interesting elements evoke drama.

However, achieving this magnificent look is easier said than done when you lack knowledge about the basics of planning and installing exterior LED lights. For a smooth process, we have listed some dos and don’ts of installing outdoor landscape lighting. Read on!


Consider both light and shadow

The interaction of light and shadow creates an atmosphere. You might think about using well lights at the foot of your garden walls to shine up. The texture of the stone will be highlighted by the interaction of light and shadow on the wall’s face. Additionally, placing a tree in shadow next to a fence or even a pool’s surface gives an otherwise flat surface depth.

Use enough fixtures to illuminate your space

Many people attempt to reduce their expenditures by using fewer fixtures and making up for them by using brighter lights. Install your outdoor lighting system gradually if you need to save money and rely on light emitting diodes to do the best job of uniform illumination at each and every corner of the architecture. As compared to their halogen counterparts, these  ensure clear visibility with a longer lifespan and provide 60-70% energy conservation. Lighting professionals prefer them as they are sustainable, glare and flicker free, at the same time, they are  adjustable according to different architectural aspects.

Be creative, especially in pathways

What else can you do if you can’t install your landscape path lighting in a straight line? Be imaginative! While you don’t want to create a style that is overly distinctive and appears cluttered or distracting, you might stagger the lights or position them so they glow down the pathway.

Along with these tips, experiment with layer lighting and brighten all over the area equally.


Avoid lighting stairways and pathways in the same manner

Flat surfaces, like pathways, won’t cast shadows. On the other hand, stairs require a couple of LED lighting solutions to eliminate shadows. Therefore, remember that every area within a landscape is different and requires distinct lighting practices and solutions to operate properly.

Don’t buy the wrong lights

There are various exterior light fittings and fixtures flooding the market. So, don’t get overwhelmed, instead, look for solutions that  can amplify the beauty as well as the functionality of the landscape with minimal maintenance costs and high-tech technology. In fact, consider purchasing luminaires from top LED lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting to not compromise on the quality, credibility and effectiveness of the products. They have numerous outdoor lighting solutions to choose from and place in your landscape. You can check their website to know more or contact the nearest retailer to get the details.

Wires should be buried, not covered.

Properly bury your wires underground for your safety and to steer clear of the headache of frequently changing fixtures. It could be tempting to simply mulch them, but doing so increases the possibility of accidentally driving a mower over them or having them exposed to the elements. The best choice is to bury them underground, afterwards, you can enjoy your lighting while oblivious to their presence.

Furthermore, do not use too many accent lights in the outdoor lighting system as it can impair vision by making the landscape overly bright. Additionally, experts suggest not putting much distance between luminaires as it can create a black hole gap.

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