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How To Paint Your Bathroom By Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Most people who do their projects know how to paint a living room or bedroom. You can get a great payoff with little effort. But painting the bathroom isn’t the same as painting other rooms in the house. You can get affordable bathroom remodeling services in EI Cajon CA and let the experts change your bathroom. The bathrooms are small, full of water from many different sources, and used a lot. For beautiful results, you need to pay close attention to all parts of painting a bathroom, from preparing the surface to choosing colors to the actual painting process and finishing touches. In this blog post, we will discuss the things you need to consider before painting your bathroom.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Services in EI Cajon CA and Painting your Bathrooms

Hiring reliable painting contractors in EI Cajon CA can help you quickly paint your bathroom. They are experienced, so they can quickly finish the project and give excellent results. Read on to learn the things that are important to consider before painting your bathroom

Ensure you have the Right Supplies

Ensuring you have the right supplies is important for every project. The painting supplies you need for a bathroom are a bit more detailed than those you need for a big room. The bathroom is a lot smaller and has a lot less room. For these areas, you’ll need smaller brushes and a lighter touch. Then there’s the toilet, the sink, the bathtub, and the outlets. You’ll have to remove or paint around all of these things. So, here is a list of common things you’ll need to paint your bathroom:

  • Paint tray and liner 
  • 2-inch sash brush
  • Paint roller and roller cover
  • Painter’s tape and plastic sheets 
  • Various screwdrivers 
  • Primer or self-priming paint from ECOS Paints 
  • Interior paint from ECOS Paints

Try Samples before Painting

Even after ensuring you have everything you need, you’re not ready to open the paint can. You’ll need to spend a lot of time choosing the right paint color for your bathroom. You shouldn’t have to paint these small rooms every year, so choose a color you think you’ll like for a while. You don’t want to paint a whole wall with a color you later decide you don’t like.

Try different colors on the wall of your bathroom. If you have a color in mind, try it in a few different shades to see which one looks best in your space and with the lighting in your bathroom. 

Clean All Surfaces

Just like with any other painting project, you want to make sure that you paint on a clean surface so that the paint doesn’t peel, chip, or wear away. This is especially true in the bathroom, where the walls can get pretty gross and dirty. If you don’t clean it off now, it will come off at some point, and take your new paint with it. Reach for cleaning products that are safe for the environment and won’t hurt the air quality in your home. This will give you a clean and safe place to paint.

At this point, you should also fill any cracks or holes in the wall and sand them down. Make sure that after you sand, you also clean those spots.

Remove All Hardware

After you clean the walls and get rid of all the dirt and grime, you’ll want to take all the hardware out of the room. That includes outlet covers, light switch plates, mirrors, towel racks, and other easy-to-remove items. Wall art, shelves, and window treatments that could get in the way should be taken down and put somewhere else. Hire experts offering affordable bathroom remodeling services in EI Cajon CA and they will handle everything for you.

You should also check to see if you need to take the toilet out of the bathroom. Painting around and behind the toilet and toilet tank is one of the most difficult parts of painting the bathroom. Since the space between the tank and the wall is so small, it might be easier to move the obstacle out of the way.

Tape Off Ares you Won’t Paint

Anything you couldn’t take off the walls should be covered with tape. Tape around the bathtub, sink, and other places you can’t remove. If you’re not going to paint the ceiling, tape around it to keep the lines straight.

Prime before your Start Painting

You’re almost ready to start painting the bathroom, but prime the walls first. Even though priming the bathroom walls isn’t as important as priming the walls in the kitchen, it will still make your painting job look more professional and complete. Especially if you go from a darker to a lighter shade, you should choose a solid primer that can stand up to the test.

Cut in before you Begin

Just like it’s important to tape off those intricate areas, you’ll also want to cut in to ensure the lines are clean. Usually, you wouldn’t have to tape when you cut in, but since the space is small, you’ll need to use both safety paint tips. Hire reliable painting contractors in EI Cajon CA and they will help you prepare the surface properly before painting. 

Paint the Ceiling with the Same Color 

If your bathroom is small and you want it to look bigger, paint the walls up to the ceiling. When the ceiling is a different color than the walls, you can make a room look shorter. Make your room look bigger by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls.

You can contact J&J’s Remodeling to hire experts for remodeling services. Our experts have years of experience and can help you remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or any part of the house. 

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