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How to grow your Instagram for your business

by janeausten
How to grow your Instagram for your business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 1 billion active users.

If you’re looking for a way to get your business noticed, Instagram can be a powerful tool. But even if you have an amazing product or service, it’s not enough to simply post photos and hope people will notice them.

Instead, follow these strategies for growing your Instagram account so that you can drive more traffic back to your website or store:

1. Make your profile easy to follow.

  • Make your profile easy to follow.

Your Instagram profile is the first thing that people see when they visit your page, which means it’s important.

That you make it look professional and inviting. Here are some tips for doing just that:

  • Use a clear profile picture one that represents who you are. As an artist or business in one simple shot. If possible, try using an image of yourself in this photo as well (and if not, don’t worry!). This will make it easier for followers who like what they see in your images. But aren’t familiar with your work yet know who’s behind them all at once. And more likely than not lead them down the rabbit hole. Until they’re hooked on everything else going on within those lovely frames!
  • Use clear descriptions in both categories under “About” and “Posts.” These sections should offer up some context. Around why someone would want to follow along with whatever content comes out of these accounts every day. Whether it’s art or business-related updates regarding projects coming up. Soon or special offers being offered during certain seasons/holidays throughout each year cycle…whatever works best based off where things stand today.

2. Get more followers with these strategies.

  • Get more followers with these strategies.
  • Follow other accounts that are relevant to your business.
  • Use Instagram Insights to track who is following you. And why they’re doing it, so that you can target them with ads or posts in the future. This will help you grow an audience that shares common interests and values with yours. Which means higher engagement rates on both sides of the equation!
  • Ask your current followers to follow you back (and don’t forget about those who haven’t yet). You can do this by asking them directly through comments on photos or in direct messages. Or just by mentioning them in one of your own posts. It’s up to you! Just remember not everyone wants their personal account associated. With their business online; if they say no then accept it gracefully instead of harassing them. Further until they finally cave under pressure…or block/mute/unfollow altogether!

3. Avoid these mistakes at all costs.

As with any social media platform, there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Here are a few Instagram no-nos:

  • Don’t post too often. You don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too much content in one day–and posting multiple times each day can make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Instead, plan out a schedule that makes sense for your brand and stick to it for best results (more on this later).
  • Don’t use too many hashtags in one caption or comment; two or three is plenty! And remember: don’t just copy what everyone else is doing. Find your own style by experimenting through trial and error until something stands out from the crowd as uniquely yours.*

4. Use hashtags strategically.

Hashtags are a great way to boost your posts.

They’re also one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram for business, so it’s important that you use them strategically.

Here’s how:

  • Use hashtags relevant to your brand and industry (e.g., if you’re a clothing store, use #fashion). This will help target people who are likely interested in what you offer. And increase engagement with those who aren’t!
  • Avoid using too many popular hashtags (like #love or #instagood). The more popular a hashtag is, the less likely it’ll be seen. By anyone other than those who follow large numbers of people or accounts on Instagram. And those users may not be interested in what you have to offer anyway! Stick with less-popular tags. Until they become established enough for general usage among users looking. Specifically at content related directly back towards businesses like yours…then start using them again 🙂
  • You can use up just one per post; however I recommend using no more than three total. Within each post since this could cause overloading problems when trying accessing certain sections. Such as comments section later down line during future visits from viewers looking up specific terms. Used previously mentioned within current posts made available publicly online now available via search engine queries.

5. Create a custom URL for your Instagram profile.

  • Create a custom URL for your Instagram profile.

If you’re serious about growing your Instagram following, it’s important to have a custom URL that makes it easy for people to find and follow you on the platform.

To get started, head over to [this link](https://www.instagram.com/settings/) and enter in your username (the part of an Instagram handle before “.”).

Then select “Create” next to “Get A Custom URL.” You’ll be asked if this is an account owned by an individual or business; choose “Business Account” and hit continue!

6. Post regularly so you can build brand awareness and stay fresh in followers’ minds.

You should aim to post at least three times per week. If you can’t do this, try and make up for it by posting at different times of the day or on different days of the week.

For example, if you’re only able to post once per week, then make sure that one of those posts is during peak hours (e.g., Wednesday morning).

Creating a strategy for growing your Instagram is key to success

If you’re looking for a way to market your business, Instagram is a great choice. It’s also important that you have a strategy in place for growing your Instagram account. Here are some tips:

  • Be consistent with posting frequency and hashtags. If people don’t see new posts from you often enough, they might forget about your profile altogether. And if the quality of those posts isn’t up to par. It could lead them away from liking or commenting on future posts as well. Try to post at least once per day (but no more than three times), and use hashtags consistently so that other users can find out more. About what type of content is posted on this account by searching for specific tags related to. What they’re looking for rather than having random words thrown together. Without any context behind them.*
  • Use automation tools wisely! There are plenty available online today but do keep in mind that these tools won’t necessarily make all decisions themselves. Rather they’ll help automate certain repetitive processes like scheduling posts. Ahead of time so users can focus their attention elsewhere. While still getting things done within certain guidelines set by management teams who oversee each account individually before releasing them into public circulation


There are a lot of ways to grow your Instagram, but you should always keep in mind that consistency is key. Creating a strategy for growing your Instagram is key to success.

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