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How Can You Practice English Daily?

by janeausten
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Nowadays, the majority of people are running towards learning English as their second language. But the question that arises here is why it is needed to learn English as a second language. The answer to this question is pretty clear in a simple sentence, ‘English is needed everywhere’. Wherever you go, from personal life to the professional world, from academics to arts, English is required everywhere. If you want to travel around the globe and make new friends, or if you want to excel in your career, all you need is fluent English, but many people are still struggling to learn English due to lack of practice. Here, we will be sharing a few tips that can help you learn English. 

Use English for Your Smart Gadgets’ Language Setting

In today’s scenario, our life is surrounded by a variety of smart objects either in the form of smart tv, smartphones, speakers, PlayStations, etc. But what if we use these smart objects even more smartly to learn a new skill to enhance our personality? English is one such skill that can be learned easily with the help of these smart gadgets around us. To practice English daily, switch your smart gadget’s language setting to English. Now everything you do on your mobile, laptop, tv, or speakers will be in English. This will help you in getting in touch with English at every point of the day. This is the most efficient and the best way to practice English daily. 

Talk to Yourself in English

One of the best ways to practice English daily is by talking to yourself. Most of the time people don’t practice English because they wait for a companion or partner to practice it. But why need a partner when you are independent on your own? Don’t make a partner or companion thing an excuse to not practice English daily. Make a habit of talking to yourself, either in front of the mirror, or speaking aloud your thoughts in English. To make it interesting and different, you can practice English daily choosing different topics, or themes. This will also help you in doing spoken English practice effectively. 

Narrate The Day

Another interesting way that can help you practice English daily at home is narrating your whole day. You might be thinking about how to narrate my whole day when nothing interesting happens in my life. However, to narrate your whole day doesn’t mean you have to do something interesting every day. Before going to bed, take some time and narrate whatever you did during the entire day, your observations, everything good or bad that happened, etc. You can either narrate your day by writing in a diary or you can narrate by sharing it verbally with someone in your family, as it will help you practice spoken English. 

Read Everything Aloud

One of the most effective English practice tips that you can adapt is reading everything aloud. You might be a person who loves to read, or your favorite past-time is reading novels, books, magazines, etc., so why not use it as a tool to practice English daily.?Whatever you read, either a newspaper, magazine, or any book, or your document file in English, make sure to read it out loud. Reading out loud will help you become fluent in spoken English, and it will also help you in working on your pronunciation and accent. Reading out loud is the best practice tip to polish your English reading and speaking skills. To practice English daily, make a habit of reading English newspapers loudly. 

Try Shadowing More Often

Have you ever found yourself repeating the dialogue of your favorite actor in the same style in front of your parents, friends, etc? You can use this as an English practice tip in the name of shadowing. Shadowing means imitating someone precisely. While watching any movie, or web series, try to imitate the dialogues immediately after in an exact manner and with the same accent or style. This is a great way to practice spoken English daily and it will help you enhance your English speaking skills and pronunciation.

Practice Speaking in English With Friends

Friends are always the best companion to grow in life, and in the field of learning English, they are the best ones. You don’t need any AI tool or app to practice English daily when you have good friends who can help you learn English. Speaking English with your friends is the best way to practice English daily. If you have some good friends, then half your battle is won. Good friends will help you in learning English faster, they will highlight your mistakes and will correct you when you go wrong. Whenever you meet your friends, make sure you talk to them in English. When you make talking with your friends in English a habit, it will help you to upgrade your spoken English skills, and each day you will become better and better at English. 

Play Online Games in English

If you love playing games online, then google them and find some online games that can help you learn English. These online games will allow you to interact with native English speakers in English, either through online chat or call. Interacting with any native English speaker is the best way to practice English daily. It will help you explore more in terms of English grammar, vocabulary, words, phrases, etc., and will make you a fluent English speaker. 

Join Any Online English Course

Another best way to practice English daily is by joining any online English course which can make your English learning journey smooth and easy. These online English courses will help you practice English daily through different activities, quizzes, practice groups, etc. 

Practicing English can be a fun and exciting task, but all it requires is the will to do it. If you are dedicated enough to learning English and being a fluent English speaker, these tips will help you practice English daily.

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