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Access Control Systems All You Need To Know

by janeausten

The need for security is one of nature’s self-preservation rules that has existed for a long time. Different groups and families unite to ensure they are protected from invasion by controlling access to their territory or home.

An access control system is a way to select those that can enter a particular location and when. The location can vary from building to cabinets or throughout the day to a particular time.

Authentication credentials are set up when using access control security systems in Utah that restrict physical and digital access to properties, buildings, and other things. They provide identification or authorization codes to authorized personnel to access such places or online systems.

Physical access control can be done using human resources like guards or mechanical means like locks and keys. Technological access control involves mantraps or extensive camera systems used in 24/7 monitoring services in Utah.

Access control comprises 3 key elements that help determine who and when can access a restricted place. 

The elements include


Preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing a property is the goal of access control. Identifying individuals with authorized codes or keys is essential to do this effectively. Without identification, differentiating between authorized and unauthorized persons will not be possible therefore defeating the goal of access control

Authorized personnel has keys or codes that allow them to bypass the security features meant to stop unauthorized person. They are free to enter once their identity is established. Identification is very important in access control


The next step in access control is to authenticate after identifying the person. Not all people that are identified should have access to a particular place. Only people with the right credentials are granted access after being identified.

Authentication can be the key or code for physical control, and technological control includes biometrics like fingerprints, passwords, and encryption keys. When the authentication is completed, individuals can access the location easily.


The final element in an access control system is the authorization of an identified individual. Authorization involves fulfilling a set criterion after authentication. Access to restricted areas is granted based on the criteria, and authorized personnel can enter the location or building.

Types of Access Control Systems

The complexity of an access control system determines the type. 

There are Three Main Types of Access Control Systems They are:

Basic Access Control System

Access is allowed when users provide a password that unlocks the restricting mechanism. The system can’t determine who is granted access once the password is provided

Semi-intelligent Access Control System

The system is a bit different from the basic system, as personnel can be restricted even if they enter the right code. However, the system does not determine who is restricted; it only relays the password to a controller and awaits the decision to either allow access or restrict the person.

Intelligent Access Control System

They are more complex and can restrict access, unlike semi-intelligent systems. They can track aggregated activities and time signatures to determine if a person should be granted access or restricted.

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